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Blaupunkt Bluebot XWin

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Blaupunkt XWin
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Blaupunkt XWin
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The window cleaning robot is suitable for windows with frames and frameless windows. At the push of a button, it drives over the glass surface methodically. Thereby, it removes not only minor soiling – with its vibrating cleaning head it imitates the clea

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

A versatile window cleaning robot: Bluebot XWin

A window cleaning robot for windows with and without frames
The Bluebot XWin (also calledBlaupunkt XWin) is suitable for the cleaning of windows with frames. The window robot is also capable of cleaning frameless windows as it recognises the end of the window with in-built sensors and doesn’t drop.  


Suitable for smaller and bigger windows and multiple glazing
The Blaupunkt XWin can be operated on smaller and on bigger glass surfaces. Please mind the minimum size of the window of 50.0 x 70.0 cm which is important for the usage of the automatic window cleaner. 

The thickness of the glass is not of significance as the Bluebot XWin can also be operated on multiple glazing. 


Bluebot XWin Vibrate is fast but still thorough
The window robot Bluebot XWin cleans with a speed of 4.5 min / m2. It moves over the glass surface in a zig zag pattern, moving top down and left right. Because of this, it cleans your windows not only especially fast but also very thoroughly. As soon as the cleaning is completed, the window cleaning robot returns to the starting position and can be taken from the window. 

The window cleaner attaches to the window with a suction power of 3,500 pa and has an average performance of 75 W. 


Easy usage despite a new technology

A special vibration-cleaning removes stubborn dirt
The Bluebot XWin Vibrate is equipped with a patented vibration-cleaning. It means, that the front part of the robot (and also the below mounted mop cloth) vibrates during the cleaning. Therefore, the robot imitates the cleaning movement of a human hand and removes also stubborn dirt. 

Especially soiled windows (such as before the first cleaning of the year) can be cleaned repeatedly. Additionally, we recommend to use some cleaning fluid on the window or on the cloth. 


Totally secure with a safety rope and an emergency battery
There is a safety rope (1.5 m length) included in the scope of delivery of this window cleaning robot. It is attached to the window with a suction cup and catches the window robot in case of a drop.

Furthermore, the Blaupunkt XWin has an in-built emergency battery that prevents from an instant drop in case of a power cut. It is a Li-ion battery (14,4 V / 700 mAh) which has to be recharged before each usage. The emergency battery keeps the automatic window cleaner on the window for 15 minutes so that you have got enough time to take it down if you should ever have a power cut. 


Especially easy to use
The operation of the window cleaning robot Bluebot XWin is very easy. On the device itself there is only one button to start and stop the robot. A remote control offers more functions and makes controlling even more convenient. 

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