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BOSCH Bosch Indego S 500 2021

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Bosch Indego S 500 2021
Bosch Indego S 500 2021
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The Bosch Indego S robot lawn mower is suitable for gardens with a maximum area of 500 m2. It is equipped with the intelligent navigation system "Logicut", the AutoCalender function and a powerful exchangeable battery of the Bosch series. It mows independ

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Ideal for gardens up to 500 m2
The robot lawn mower from Bosch are characterised by intelligent technology combined with proven quality. The Logicut navigation system ensures a systematic and efficient way of working, lane-by-lane. The AutoCalender function maps partial areas and entire gardens and calculates the optimum mowing method. Equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery (up to 60 min running time), the Bosch S 500 is the ideal candidate for gardens up to 500 m2 area and a maximum gradient of 27 %.


What is the principle behind the Bosch Indego S 500?
"Logicut" and autocalendar function ensure a systematic way of working. The robot lawn mower divides the areas into smaller sub-areas and follows this lane-by-lane. This enables the Indego S+ 500 to mow the entire garden faster than robot grass cutters with a chaotic approach.


Cutting heights are selectable
Whether short or long, the cutting height for the perfect lawn can be adjusted in three different steps. The blades of grass remain on the lawn after mowing and rot. This mulching principle ensures that the lawn is naturally supplied with nutrients and develops magnificently. At the same time, the lawn cuttings no longer need to be disposed of.


Individual mowing for partial areas
The SpotMowing function enables the robot lawn mower to mow even a specific area. This can be, for example, in areas with new lawns. If this programme is selected, the Bosch Indego S 500 only mows the selected zone and then returns to the charging station.

Mapping and efficient navigation
Thanks to AutoCalender and Logicut navigation, the lawn area is saved and the most efficient mowing route is calculated. The Bosch S 500 robot mower then defines the appropriate mowing program and starts to work the garden area lane-by-lane. In doing so, it works cleanly, efficiently and with as little material wearout as possible.

Wheels with more grip
The Indego S 500 is equipped with more grip on the wheels. This means that the robot grass cutter has better traction on wet grass (e.g. in the morning hours or in fog) and hilly terrain. This enables it to overcome inclines of up to 15° maximum and at the same time protects the (wet) lawn.

Bosch Indego S 500 - a user-friendly display and safety sensors
Safety thanks to integrated sensor technology
The Bosch S 500 robot lawn mower is equipped with various security sensors. Touch sensors and a rubber buffer ensure that the robot mower reacts to obstacles in time and that no collisions occur. Lift sensor and tilt sensor are also included. In addition, the Bosch S 500 offers anti-theft protection by means of automatic locking as soon as the Bosch Indego moves away from the boundary wire. You can of course unlock it again with a personal PIN code.


Display or manual button
The robot grass cutter is programmed via the user-friendly display or individually (e.g. SpotMowing). There is also an emergency stop button, clearly visible on the back of the device. This is of course used to stop the machine immediately in an emergency.


Quality battery from Bosch
Indego S 500 works with a quality battery of the Bosch exchangeable battery series (18 volt / 2.5 Ah). An electronic cell protection (ECP) is also integrated, which protects the battery against overcharging and overheating as well as deep discharge. A full charge of the battery takes 60 minutes, after which, the robot lawn mower can work automatically for the same maximum period of time. If the battery level becomes too low, the Bosch S 500 automatically returns to the charging station and recharges itself. Later it continues its work.


How does the installation of the Bosch S 500 work?
First you have to define the working area for the robot mower with the boundary wire. Once this has been done, you can adjust the setting via the display. You will be guided through the configuration step-by-step. The Indego S 500 is ready for use in no time.


Guarantee service and manufacturer's knowledge database
Our tip is to register your Bosch S 500 via the "MyBosch" website. This will give you access to a database full of useful tips and tricks, as well as more information. Furthermore, by registering your Indego S 500 within 30 days of your purchase, you will receive an additional year of manufacturer's guarantee. This gives you a full 3-year manufacturer's guarantee!

Bosch Indego S 500 - robot lawn mower (2021 model)
Bosch Indego S 500
Charging station incl. 4 screws
Power adapter
Boundary wire (150 m)
Pegs (240 pcs.)
Connectors (2 pcs.)

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