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Cecotec Cecotec Conga 3290

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Cecotec Conga 3290
Cecotec Conga 3290
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If a robot sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs your floors, you’ll finally have more time for the important things in life. In addition to this 4 in 1 cleaning system, the Cecotec Conga scores with a lot of other advantages: It can comfortably be controlled

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

A reliable robot vacuum and mop for almost every home

Hard floors and carpets are the best application field
The robot vacuum and mop Conga 3290 is particularly recommended for cleaning hard floors and carpets. With its powerful suction of 2,300 Pa, it vacuums dust and dirt from your floors reliably. This robot vacuum mop is not suitable for being operated on dark and black floors.


A robot vacuum mop for corners
Dust and dirt accumulates even in the corners of your home. To allow Cecotec Conga to clean corners despite its round design, it is equipped with a long side brush. The side brush makes sure that the robot vacuum and mop also cleans along walls and sidebars.


Safe operation near staircases
The Conga 3290 scores with the most modern sensor technology which makes the operation of the robot vacuum mop very safe – also near stairs or other drops. Thanks to the sensors, Conga detects if it approaches a drop. In this case, it changes its cleaning route to avoid falling down.


The 4 in 1 cleaning system by Cecotec
The 4 in 1 cleaning system is a proven characteristic of the robot vacuums and mops by Cecotec. This cleaning system works as follows: Cecotec Conga sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs your floors in one single cleaning cycle. Be assured that the robot vacuum mop removes all kinds of dust and dirt and leaves your floors bright clean.


Conga 3290 – a great addition to your smart home

A robot vacuum and mop with app
Controlling the Conga 3290 is not only simple but also smart: With an app, the robot can comfortably be controlled, programmed and monitored over your smartphone. And all that even if you are not at home, because with the app you can access the robot anytime from wherever you are.


Divide your home into zones and create a cleaning plan
The app gives you full control when it comes to cleaning tasks: Divide the cleaning map (a floorplan of your home) into zones and determine on what day and at what time the robot should clean which zone. It is possible to save up to 5 cleaning maps and up to 50 cleaning plans. Also, very useful: In the app you can mark no-go zones which will not be cleaned by the robot, like for example, zones with toys or feeding bowls of your pets.


Operate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
The Cecotec Conga is equipped with a connection to the most famous voice services: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Because of that it is possible to control the robot vacuum mop Conga 3290 with simple voice commands.


Precise navigation enables a complete cleaning
The so-called iTech Laser 360 Technology helps Conga 3290 to navigate. With a laser, the robot by Cecotec scans its environment and creates a precise map of your home. It finds its way around on its own and will always choose the most efficient cleaning route. The advantage? The robot vacuum and mop is particularly fast and knows exactly where it has cleaned already.


Adjust the mopping to your home
For mopping your floors, Cecotec Conga uses a swaying movement that simulates human scrubbing motion. Furthermore, you can decide for yourself how much water you want to use for mopping because there are three different water intensity levels available. Those two functions allow to adjust mopping to the needs of your floors. Plus, the robot can be operated also in large homes.



We recommend Conga 3290 for:
Small and large apartments and houses
Hard floors and carpets
Smart home owners (app control and connection to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)
Use on one whole level with multiple rooms (zone cleaning)


Included in delivery
Cecotec Conga 3290

1 Charging base
1 Power supply
1 Multifunctional brush
1 Water tank and dust bin
2 Cloths
1 Replacement side brush
1 Replacement filter
1 Cleaning tool
1 User manual

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