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Cecotec Cecotec CONGA 9090 IA + homebase

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Cecotec CONGA 9090 IA + homebase
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Cecotec CONGA 9090 IA + homebase
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Robot vacuum cleaner with 3Diana artificial intelligence and laser technology, scrubs, vacuums and sweeps at the same time. Detects and recognizes the most common household objects and pets. Maximum cleaning precision. Maximum power 10,000 Pa. Jalisco bru

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

3Diana artificial intelligence: The robot detects and recognizes the most common household objects thanks to its front camera and three-dimensional sensor and acts accordingly by adapting the cleaning. In the same way, the robot recognizes floors and rooms, showing it on the map automatically.
Conga 9090 IA shows you an image of the objects it finds as it cleans so that you can visualize the elements that are scattered on the floor of your home.
Maximum precision: Thanks to the new artificial intelligence technology, it maximizes the cleaning, making a more accurate route and approaches*, to remove all the dirt. Even from the most difficult places. (* Compared to previous Cecotec models).
Robot vacuum cleaner with professional laser mapping 4 in 1: sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs the floor simultaneously. Cleans the entire surface traveled efficiently, tidily and intelligently with Wi-Fi and App.
10,000 Pa: The highest suction pressure ever* (*compared to previous Cecotec models).
Twerking Tank: vibrating mop for a descaling and smart scrubbing with 3 levels of water flow (High, Medium and Low) and 3 levels of mop vibration.
Thanks to the innovative RoomPlan 3.0 system you can manage up to 50 cleaning plans, selecting the rooms and rooms of your homes, so you can clean the selected space when you want.
APP Control: Smartphone app with which you can control your robot by selecting the cleaning modes, programming the cleaning, selecting the suction and scrubbing power level and viewing the cleaning history.
Jalisco Brush: Brush to remove the most imperceptible dirt. Thanks to this brush you will be able to vacuum even the dirt that is not visible at first sight.
Virtual Map: Memorizes the map and displays it on the APP.
Thanks to its new Virtual Voice technology you can connect the robot to the virtual voice control assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. You will be able to perform several voice controls, such as, start cleaning, stop cleaning, send the robot to its charge base or even locate the robot by means of audible emissions* (Consult conditions in the instruction manual).
Includes the BestFriend Care brush, an interchangeable silicone brush ideal for pets and long hair.
iTech Laser 360 intelligent navigation. The robot scans and maps your home to perform a 360° survey (confined to the laser plane). It plans the fastest, most efficient, orderly and intelligent route for cleaning every room in your home. This innovative technology turns your Conga into an extremely intelligent robot.
Interactive MultiMap 3.0 system to store up to 5 different maps in the robot's memory.
The robot is programmed with the iWater system with three scrubbing modes, such as "High: perfect for deep scrubbing, Medium: ideal for daily scrubbing and Low: the perfect mode for shallow scrubbing. Thanks to these three modes you can scrub and mop any type of surface.
Its cleaning by areas allows you to select the rooms you want it to pass through. It is the perfect mode for cleaning high traffic areas or rooms where deep cleaning is required.
Set a restricted area with boundaries to block off areas you don't want to clean. The robot adapts perfectly to all your cleaning needs.
Select one-point cleaning mode to send the robot to a specific place on the map where you want it to deep clean*, e.g. under the bed or table (*See conditions of this function in the instruction manual).
Total Surface 3.0 technology to clean the entire surface of your home*. If the robot runs out of battery power, it automatically returns to the charge base* by the fastest route, recharges the battery and goes back out to finish cleaning (*Consult conditions in the instruction manual).
12 selectable cleaning modes: Auto, Spiral, Spot, Smart Area, Restricted Area, Manual, DeepCleaning, Scrubbing, Edging, Back to Home, Full Clean and Square Spiral. Your house will always be clean!
Thanks to its 8 optical sensors located all around the perimeter of the robot, it is able to navigate in an orderly manner and remove dirt from the most difficult corners such as in areas with shoes or full of obstacles.
The robot maps your entire home before it starts cleaning, saves it and searches for the fastest and most efficient route*. Smart technology to know exactly where it is, where it has and hasn't been. It can go through the same place up to 2 times for a thorough cleaning. You will be able to see the interactive map in the App. (*Consult the conditions of this function in the instruction manual).
Turbo Clean Carpet system that activates the Turbo mode of maximum power in carpets to clean them in the most precise way, shows you the area of the clean area and in the case of choosing the scrubbing mode the robot will not climb on the carpet, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. (Functionality applicable to carpets of a certain thickness).
100% innovative and intelligent scrubbing! The robot features Scrubbing mode, it scrubs and mops for you in an intelligent way thanks to its back-and-forth motion.
Wash4You technology to control the water level and dose the flow rate evenly and intelligently through its electronic control. Keeps the mop precisely damp at all times and prolongs the cleaning surface.
Twin Floor Mop made of one material for professional cleaning on all types of surfaces.
Pro All-TimeTable: programmable 24 hours a day during the 7 days of the week being able to choose the rooms to clean, the order in which you want to clean each room, the parameters per room, the suction power, the level of scrubbing flow and choose the suggestion of proposed plans.
OnlySilence technology for quiet cleaning with a sound level of < 64 dB.
Lithium-Ion battery of 14.8 V and 6400 mAh. Enjoy an autonomy of up to 240 minutes* (*In optimal cleaning conditions: hard floors with little friction and moderate amount of obstacles).
Automatically returns to the charging base at the end of cleaning*, thanks to its intelligent GPS Home system (*Consult conditions in the instruction manual).
Purifies the air with the high performance filter capable of retaining large amounts of allergens and dust* (*according to Cecotec internal test data).
Designed for all types of floors and fine carpets.

Conga Home 10000
CONGA HOME 10,000 self-emptying base. Compatible with 8000 and 9000 series, Conga 8090 and Conga 9090 models. Automatic emptying of the robot. Hygienic cleaning. Compact storage for accessories. Automatic filter cleaning. 2.5 liters capacity.

With the SmartClean system you can automatically and intelligently empty the solids tank of the robot.
PureFilter: fast and efficient filter cleaning.
The hygienic bags make it easy to avoid direct contact with dust and dirt, thus avoiding soiling.
Automatic bag detection. The system detects if a bag is available and warns you if it is not.
Bag capacity of 2.5 L.
AutoCharge: automatic battery charging.

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