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Cecotec Conga Apolo 5200 anti covid cleaner anti covid cleaner (only BtoB)

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Conga Apolo 5200
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Conga Apolo 5200
Conga Apolo 5200

The Conga Apolo is a robot that moves and promises to kill germs and bacteria in business to fight the coronavirus (75m² in one charging load, 300m² in one night)
Autonomie one charging load = 60 min

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

The Conga Apolo is a robot that moves like a robot vacuum cleaner and was developed in Cecotec, Spain. The Apolo promises to kill germs and bacteria in business to fight the coronavirus.

Conga Apolo 5200 anti covid cleaner

The Conga Apollo promises to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in the companies.

This robot, which aims to combat the coronavirus in industry, is a mobile "germicidal" device capable of killing bacteria that are already on surfaces and in suspension. Moreover, thanks to its specific shape, it is suitable for all companies.

The Conga Apolo promises to achieve a "99%" reduction in viral and bacterial load. Cecotec assures that microbiological laboratories endorse this device, which could be the key to the reopening of some companies.

The robot transports a UV-C neon light that disinfects the rooms. Cecotec states that the Apollo is capable of disinfecting germs and pathogenic viruses, as well as the corona virus, either in the air or on surfaces or objects.

The robot is completely autonomous and disinfection is done by means of low intensity UV-C light in combination with low concentration of ozone mist. This allows for controlled and effective disinfection and the autonomous movement makes it possible to reuse "spaces of great urgency".

The device is operated via an app, a remote control and is compatible with all major voice assistants. In fact, by means of laser navigation, the system allows disinfection of up to 75 square meters in one hour, or up to 300 square meters if you let it work all night.

Important note from the manufacturer: It is important to stress that although this type of technology has proved effective against the effects of the coronavirus, it is not the definitive solution and it is the responsibility of the users to keep the outbreaks as contained as possible, avoiding excessive street activity and respecting safety measures such as social distancing.


  • 99.9% disinfection: Disinfects up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
  • Killer Virus: Destroys the molecular structure of viruses such as coronaviruses.
  • UVC + Ozone: Double germicidal action UV-C and Ozone in low concentration.
  • Microbiological results: Disinfection results are guaranteed by microbiology labs.
  • Large Spaces: Up to 300 m2 each night. Up to 75 m2 in a single pass.
  • Human protection: disinfects the soil, surfaces, air and accessible objects.
  • Commercial use: commercial and industrial spaces, public and private workspaces
  • iTech Laser Eye: Smart navigation through laser and optical technology
  • Intelligent operation: autonomous, easy and safe operation.
  • Total space: Recharge and return to complete disinfection.
  • Room plan: Management of room disinfection plans with APP.
  • Interactive MultiMap: cartography with memory for up to 5 maps or rooms. 
  • All-TimeTable: Programmable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • 5200 mAh battery: up to 60 minutes of autonomy
  • Start Safe System: safety system that delays the action by 10 seconds.
  • Instant Access: access without long wait after disinfection
  • Multi-robot system. Management with the same APP of several robots for large spaces.


  • Conga Apollo 5200
  • Remote control
  • Instruction manual
  • Application Manual

Warranty = 6 months (only BtoB)



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