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Dolphin Dolphin PoolBot PBio

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Dolphin PoolBot PBio
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Dolphin PoolBot PBio
Dolphin PoolBot PBio
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The pool robot cleaner PoolBot PBio is specially designed for the requirements of automatic cleaning of swimming - and natural pools. Equipped with an active brush system, an external suction system and three filter modes, the robotic pool cleaner P Bio e

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Application area: Bio and natural pools

The robotic pool cleaner is especially designed for natural swimming ponds. Not even stony floors are a problem. Thanks to the digital scanning, the Dolphin PoolBot PBio adjusts to the natural conditions of the bio and natural pool effortlessly. With a constantly circling navigation and smart sensors, the robot Dolphin works securely and reliably on the floor and climbs up the walls. The pool cleaning robot is also capable of reacting to and leaving out sensible regenerating areas. 


All good things are a triple brush system

The Dolphin PoolBot PBio is equipped with a triple (active) brush system to receive a maximum of cleanliness: Two bio-brushes and a high speed brush remove persistent residues, algae, bacteria and fine particles. Thoroughly. A special “Bio-Intensive” mode in the pool cleaning robotassures clean water. 


Two powerful cleaning modes

By default, the Dolphin PoolBot PBio is operated in the normal mode (without external suction). The integrated filter cartridges can be used with up to three net filters (fine to gross) – depending on the degree of contamination. After the usage, the filter cartridges are taken out of the robotic pool cleaner with only one movement. The cartridges and the filters can be cleaned with the garden hose and reinserted. (Attention: Do NOT let the filter cartridges/filter dry out before the cleaning). For gross staining we recommend to use the external suction system and an external pump to keep the water clean and clear. 


Diverse programming or individual controlling
Hourly and weekly timer as well as an automatic cleaning cycle

The Dolphin PoolBot PBior eveals a variety of cleaning options. Each one is very easy to programme: With the weekly timer, you can set a schedule for the whole week. You decide if the pool is cleaned daily or every second or third day. Furthermore, you can set a cleaning cycle for the pool cleaning robots (at two, three or four-hourly intervals) – adjusted to your bio or natural pool. The floor and wall cleaning can also be programmed. The robot Dolphin thinks: If the filter is full or clogged, an error message occurs on the status display. 


The core: the remote control

With the remote control, you can set different cleaning options such as the so-called “automatic-mode”. If, on the other hand, the pool cleaning robot is to be controlled individually, “manual adjustment of running direction” is used. 


Start-up, storage and transport – especially effortlessly

The first steps for a correct operation

To operate the robotic pool cleaner according to its purposes, please take care of a water temperature of 6°C to 34°C. Plug in the power supply unit but leave it switched off. Now place the robot Dolphin in the pool by using the handle and switch it on. The cleaning cycle can be programmed or controlled manually. After a successful cleaning, the pool cleaning robot can be removed from the power supply and lifted out of the pool.

Lasts steps for a safe storage

If the Dolphin PoolBot PBio is not used in a long time, please keep it away from the sun, heat, frost or cold. For a safe transport, a caddy is included in the scope of delivery. 


The most important at a glance:

  • Suitable for bio and natural pools
  • Clean and reliable for swimming ponds with a maximum size of 15 x 7.5 m
  • Two bio-brushes and a high-speed brush 
  • Two powerful cleaning modes
  • Easy programming – diverse cleaning options
  • Transport caddy

Technical details

Manufacturer: PoolBot
Model description: Dolphin PoolBot PBio - 2020 model
Recommended up to (approx.): 15 x 7,5 m
Dimensions (approx.): 41,0 x 43,0 x 30,0 cm
Weight (approx.): 10,5 kg
Remote control: Included
Programming/controlling the app: No
Cleaning settings: Two brushes plus high speed brush
Cleaning: Floor/ground and wall
Navigation: automatic
Caddy: Yes
Circulation rate (m3/h): 17
Filter system: 3 filters to choose from (50/100/200 micron)
Flotation cable length: 18 m
Water temperature: +6 °C to +34 °C
Guarantee on the product: 2 years
Type of rechargeable battery: Mains operated

Included in delivery

  • Dophin Poolbot Bio
  • Transformer
  • Wire
  • Transport caddy
  • Filter cartridge
  • Filter coarse
  • Filter fine
  • Remote control

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