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Dreame Tech Dreame Bot W10

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It vacuums, scrubs and is equipped with an auto cleaning station that includes a dual water tank system: the Dreame W10 robot vacuum and mop for daily floor care. It has a high suction power and two rotating mops.

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

What is the Dreame W10?
Whether vacuuming, mopping or both - the W10 from Dreame does the job reliably and thoroughly. The robot vacuum mop has a suction power of 4,000 Pa that can be adjusted in 4 suction levels depending on the dirt. It also has an extra long floor brush. In mopping mode, the Dreame W10 persuades with 2 rotating mopping pads that are pressed onto the floor. Conventional robot vacuum and mop models only pull the mop over the floor - so the cleaning of the Dreame Bot W10 is more intensive and thorough. Additionally, the W10 is equipped with an auto cleaning station that includes a dual water tank system. Thanks to LDS Lidar navigation technology the robot vacuum cleaner with mop finds its way safely through rooms and offers precise virtual maps via app.


What characterises the robot vacuum mop?
The Dreame Bot W10 can clean and dry the mopping pads itself. For this purpose, the robot vacuum and mop moves to the auto cleaning station after completing a mopping pass. Here, the clothes are washed with clean water and then dried with 40° warm air. This shortens the drying process to 2 hours. Otherwise it can take about 5 hours. The mop cleaning and drying function helps to prevent mould and bad odours.

Ultrasonic carpet detection
Thanks to an ultrasonic sensor, the robot vacuum cleaner with mop recognises carpets and adjusts its cleaning according to the active cleaning mode. It increases the suction power in suction mode so that the carpet is cleaned more intensively. On the other hand, it avoids the carpet when mopping in order to clean this area later.

Rotating mops
Two rotating mopping pads ensure even more thorough wet cleaning. The mops are also pressed onto the floor. So, The robot vacuum and mop does not simply pull the cloth over the floor, but scrubs the surface.

Dual water tank
The station of the robot vacuum mop is equipped with a fresh water tank and a waste water tank. This way, the clean water supply for wet cleaning is always ensured. Each tank has a capacity of max. 4 l.
Dreame Bot W10 - it vacuums and mops with best results

Auto cleaning station and charging station
After each cleaning, the robot vacuum and mop returns to its base to recharge automatically. Should the battery power become weak while it is aktive, the Dreame W10 interrupts its work to return to the home station for battery charging. When finished, it resumes its work at the point where it was interrupted. Additionally, there are two water tanks in the station, each with a capacity of 4 l. Here, clean and dirty water are stored separately. When the robot vacuum mop enters the auto cleaning station to clean the mops, they are washed with clean water while the dirty water is pumped into the waste water tank. Afterwards, the mopping pads are dried in the base station with warm air.


Well thought-out vacuuming equipment
The robot vacuum cleaner with mop is equipped with several extras that optimise the vacuuming process. For example, it has an extra-long brush that can cover a wider area. Due to this design hair does not get tangled so easily and can be removed more quickly. In addition, the W10 has a high suction power (4,000 Pa). Thanks to the 450 ml dust container, there is enough capacity for extensive vacuuming. You don't have to constantly look after it if it has to be emptied.

Intelligent water supply
Depending on the surface and the degree of pollution, during wet cleaning different amounts of water are needed. The Dreame W10 is prepared for this and has an intelligent water supply. The options "Low", "Medium" and "High" are available via the app and can be set as required. So the amount of water can be defined individually - dirt can be removed easier and no harm comes to the floor.


LDS Lidar Navigation Technology
Thanks to LDS Lidar navigation technology, the Dreame Bot W10 scans and maps, navigates safely and reliably through rooms and provides precise maps via the app. Furthermore, it can display the scanned environment as a virtual map in real time (SLAM = simultaneous localisation and mapping).


Keeping the carpet dry
The Dreame Bot W10 has an ultrasonic carpet detection function. This means that the robot vacuum and mop immediately adjusts its cleaning as soon as it detects a carpet. If it is in suction mode, the W10 continues its way over the carpet and boosts the suction power. So, it performs a more intensive and deeper cleaning. If the mopping mode is active, the robot vacuum cleaner with mop prevents the carpet from coming into contact with water. It makes a detour to avoid the carpet.
Convenient control via app or voice assistant


The  App with many functions for the Dreame W10
The robot vacuum and mop from Dreame is controlled via the Xiaomi Home App. This app controls the individual functions of the robot vacuum cleaner with mop and also manages the virtual maps and cleaning schedules. By using the app you can set which cleaning mode should be used in a certain area, define the amount of water used for mopping, or where the suction power has to be increased. Additionally, options such as no-go areas, the cleaning of certain areas or the room-by-room cleaning are available. Since up to 3 cards can be saved in the app, different settings can be obtained.


The app is available for Android and iOS in the well-known stores:


Cleaning on voice command
The robot vacuum and mop can also be integrated into the smart home. So you have the advantage that you can start the Dreame Bot W10 by voice control. Although not all functions can be used via the voice assistant, it offers a high level of convenience. The W10 from Dreame is compatible with Amazon Alexa.


Auto cleaning station
Rotating mops
During wet-cleaning mops are pressed to the floor
LDS Lidar navigation technology
Intelligent water supply
Ultrasonic carpet detection

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