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Gardena Gardena Sileno life 1250 2021

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This robot lawn mower can be used on lawns of up to approximately 1,250 m2 with gradients up to ±30 % (17°). Even when it rains, the robotic lawn mower cuts your lawn with three rotating blades. The robot mower can automatically adjust its mowing frequenc

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

The robot lawn mower Gardena Sileno life 1250
The robotic lawn mower can be used in gardens of up to 1,250 m2 and is equipped with a robust lithium-ion battery. It overcomes gradients of up to ±30 % (17°). Due to its quiet operation, it can also be used well at night.


Useful remote start function
There can be defined up to three points where the robot mower has to start its mowing cycle. As a result, the robot lawn mower also reaches remote areas on complex terrains, which are connected to the main area only through narrow passages. Thus, the remote start function can be used to achieve a consistently evenly cut lawn throughout the garden (including ancillary areas).


Optimum handling of narrow passages
In order to handle even narrow passages optimally, the Gardena Sileno life 1250 is equipped with the so-called "EasyPassage" function. The robot lawn mower is able to recognize narrow passages and to adjust its navigation accordingly.


The Gardena Sileno life 1250 does the lawn care reliably
Setting of individual mowing times
You can individually set certain times for the robotic lawn mower to start mowing. All settings can be made via a user-friendly LCD display with keypad. The lawn robot follows its schedule reliably. It mows even in rainy weather. When the battery is low, the robot mower returns to the charging station in order to recharge for the next mowing task.


Improvement of the lawn quality
The robot mower moves randomly across the lawn. Three sharp, rotating blades cut the grass. Depending on need and preference, the cutting height can be varied between 20 and 50 mm. The fine grass remains fall to the ground as a mulch. The mulch adds moisture and valuable nutrients to the soil and the lawn is naturally fertilized. A healthy, dense and lush green lawn is the result.


Gardena Sileno life 1250 with "SensorControl" function
The so-called "SensorControl" function contributes to improve the quality of the lawn. It allows the robotic lawn mower to automatically adjust its mowing frequency to the grass growth. In drought conditions, it reduces its mowing frequency to prevent the lawn from drying out. It increases the mowing frequency again when the grass grows stronger during rainy periods. The lawn is so optimally maintained at all times.


Safe operation due to various sensors
Lifting, tilting and collision sensors make the Gardena Sileno life 1250 a safe device. If the robot lawn mower is lifted or tilted, the rotating knives stop immediately. With a collision sensor, the robot

can recognize obstacles. When it encounters an object, it continues in another direction. PIN code and an anti-theft system further protect the robot mower.


Fast installation, easy cleaning
All accessory parts for installation are included: boundary wire, cable pegs, cable connectors and detailed installation and operating instructions. This makes the robot lawn mower ready for the first mowing operation in just a few steps.


Cleaning under running water
The Gardena Sileno life 1250 is relatively handy: With approximately 8 kg, it is one of the lighter robot lawn mowers. Unlike other lawn robots, this model can be cleaned with the garden hose/ with water. This makes it very easy to clean.

Included in delivery
Gardena Sileno life 1250

• Charging station
• Boundary wire (250 m)
• Pegs (300 pcs.)
• Cable connectors (4 pcs.)
• Connecting terminals (5 pcs.)

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