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Husqvarna Automower 310 model 2019

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This robotic lawn mower mows lawns of up to 1,000 m2 and is able to master slopes of up to ± 40 % (approx. 22°). Because of its terrain skills, the robot mower is perfect for hilly or steep lawns. During the mowing, three sharp blades shorten the grass re

More than 40.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Husqvarna Automower 310: a reliable robot mower for mid-sized and complex lawns

With the Automower 310 you have found a reliable robotic lawn mower. It is suitable for mid-sized and more complex lawns with a size of up to 1,000 m2. Slopes on the lawn of max. ± 40 % or 22° don’t encounter a problem for the robot lawn mower Husqvarna Automower 310. 


Eco-friendly Mulch system
Thanks to its random navigation pattern, the Automower 310 mows your lawn permanently. With the mowing system by Husqvarna, the lawn is only minimally shortened. The grass cuttings fall to the ground where they serve the lawn as a natural fertiliser and moisturiser. 


Husqvarna 310 recognises passages
The Husqvarna Automower 310 recognises narrow passages and navigates through them skilfully. Therefore, the robotic lawn mower does not leave any traces. 


Equipped with many modern functions 

Automower Connect@HOME
The robot lawn mower can be controlled with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection because it is equipped with the Automower Connect@HOME module by default. Please note, that a Bluetooth connection only works within close proximity to the robot. 


Easy operation and programming
The robotic lawn mower can be controlled and programed via the user-friendly display with a graphical menu. The selected mowing times are followed by the robot lawn mower fully automatically. If the robot mower is low on battery it returns to the charging station automatically to start charging. 


Husqvarna Automower 310 with spiral cut
The spiral cut automatically compensates for different grass areas on your lawn. These areas are recognised by the robotic lawn mower independently. In that case, it adapts its cleaning pattern accordingly. 


Individual mowing options
The robot mower is equipped with three razor-sharp blades that are mounted on a robust disc, maximising efficiency. The cutting height can be set individually between 20 and 60 mm. To do so, the cover has to be opened and the knob has to be adjusted accordingly. 


A quiet and eco-friendly robot mower
The volume during mowing is especially low. Its mowing volume is only about 60 dB which is why it can also be operated at night. In eco-mode, the robot works very energy-efficiently. The Husqvarna 310 achieves maximum cutting performance with zero emission.


Doesn’t stop mowing if it rains
Regardless of the weather conditions the robotic lawn mower carries out its mowing task reliably. It does not stop mowing if it rains. 


Maximum safety during the mowing is assured

Alarm and PIN code
The topic security is very important for a lot of our customers. Therefore, the Husqvarna 310 is equipped with appropriate safety functions such as an anti-theft alarm or a PIN code system. The PIN code protects against unauthorised usage. 


Collision, lift and tilt sensors
The collision and bumper sensors react accordingly to changes during the mowing. If the robot is lifted or tilted, the blades stop immediately. If the robot lawn mower touches an obstacle, it changes its way and continues mowing in another direction. 


Automower 310 with different starting points
The robot lawn mower offers the option to use three different starting points. Thereby, a uniform cutting result on the whole lawn is guaranteed. The bigger the lawn, the more important it is to set more than one starting point. 


Optional upgrades for the robot mower

Automower Connect module
With the Automower Connect module the robotic lawn mower Automower 310 can be controlled anytime and anywhere via smartphone-app. This module is not integrated by default but it can be upgraded for an extra charge.

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