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iRobot iRobot roomba 960/965 /971(idem toestel)

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With a convincing easy handling but nevertheless with the latest technology – that’s the iRobot Roomba 960/965/971 It scores with iAdapt® 2.0 Navigation and the innovative AeroForceTM cleaning technology. Roomba is controlled over the iRobot HOME App (for

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Robot Vacuum with AeroForceTM Cleaning System
Due the revolutionary and patented AeroForceTM cleaning technology the Roomba 960 removes up to 50% more dirt, dust and hair than its competitors. The iRobot Roomba cleans hard floors (laminate, tiles, parquet) and carpets.


Perfect Cleaning with Visual Localization
The iAdapt® 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization supports the Roomba 960 in navigating. By remembering its position and choosing the best cleaning way, it ensures an efficient floor cleaning.

Additionally to the smart navigation the robot vacuum uses a variety of sensors. The iRobot Roomba 960 recognizes furniture and other obstacles and adjusts it cleaning way.


Control via App for iOS and Android
With the iRobot HOME App you can control, programme and monitor the iRobot Roomba 960 – all comfortably via Smartphone or Tablet. The iRobot HOME App is available for iOS-devicesand Android-devices and offers the following features:


Start and stop the Roomba
Set a cleaning-schedule
Monitor the cleaning progress and tasks
Support for occurring problems or questions

New: iRobot HOME App – Update
The actual update offers new functions, making the operation and maintenance even easier. These are the innovations of the iRobot HOME App:

• Push-Notifications
With a push-notification the iRobot informs about a completed cleaning or if it should ever be in need of your help.

• Process-Diagram
From now on your can check various information with only one click. Therefore, you can retrieve details about: completed cleaning processes and map-records.

• Clean MapTM Reports
Due to the new Clean MapTM report you can check, where Roomba has cleaned and which areas have been especially polluted. Furthermore you can retrieve statistics about the cleaning process and information about the last 30 cleanings. 


iRobot Roomba Recognizes Abysses and Stairs
The iRobot 960 is equipped with numerous sensors. Due to so-called anti-drop sensors it recognizes stairs and abysses in time, carefully driving around them. It is really important to regularly clean the sensors of Roomba.

With its minor construction the iRobot Roomba 960 cleans under beds and other low furniture. Combined with the rotating side brush it ensures a thorough cleaning of edges, corners and other hardly reachable spots.


Robot Hoover for Large Floors
The iRobot Roomba 960 is the ideal robot vacuum for floors up to 185 m2. Due to iAdapt® 2.0 Navigation it always remembers its location. When battery is low, Roomba automatically returns to its charging station. After the charging process it continues with its cleaning task where it has interrupted before.


Roomba 960 for Hard Floors and Carpets
The iRobot 960 cleans carpets as well as hard floors (tiles, stone, laminate, and the like).

Dark and black floors or carpets cannot be cleaned from iRobot 960. They are recognized as an abyss and the robot hoover will automatically change its cleaning direction.


Brushless System for Less Maintenance Effort
The iRobot Roomba 960 is equipped with so-called AeroForceTM Extractors. These brushless rubber rollers avoid tangling up of hair and other dirt. That’s what keeps the maintenance effort of the robot vacuum on a minimum.


Roomba 900 Series with More Suction Power
Compared to the iRobot Roomba 600/700 series the 800 and 900 series offers a suction power that is up to 5 times stronger.


Robot Hoover for Pet Hair
The tangle-free AeroForceTM Extractors and special HEPA filter make the iRobot an ideal robot hoover for pet owners and allergy sufferers.

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