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Mamibot Mamibot EXVAC 660

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Mamibot Exvac 660
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Mamibot Exvac 660
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The new Mamibot EXVAC 660 convinces with a lot of modern functions. It can be controlled comfortably via app or voice service. With its smart navigation system, it drives through your home methodically while it maps the cleaning area. Thanks to its brushl

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Suitable for hard floors and carpets 
The Mamibot EXVAC 660 can be operated on a lot of different hard floors, such as laminate, parquet or tiles. In vacuuming mode, the robot is also suitable for an operation on carpets. 


Takes care of clean edges and corners
Two long side brushes are mounted on the bottom side of the vacuuming/mopping robot. These rotate during the cleaning and sweep the dust and dirt out of the corners. Furthermore, they allow a thorough cleaning along edges, such as walls or side bars. 


Thorough cleaning under furniture
The Mamibot 660 has a height of only 7.5 cm. For this reason, it can effortlessly drive under low furniture. This is how it vacuums and mops in places that you can hardly reach with a normal vacuum cleaner or mop.


Mamibot EXVAC 660: smart, modern and efficient

Vacuum cleaner and mop in one
The Mamibot 660 comes with two different containers: a 600 ml dust bin and a 370 ml water tank. This means that the robot can do both, vacuuming and mopping. 

With a suction power of 1800 PA, the EXVAC 660 picks up dust as well as dirt and hair. Furthermore, a large water tank and a high-quality cloth assure convincing mopping results. With a volume of only 55 dB, the robot is also very quiet when in use.


With smart navigation and mapping
Thanks to the “Gyroscope positioning system”, the vacuum and floor mopping robot navigates through your home in a methodical path. Meanwhile, it creates a map of the cleaning area which can be viewed in the app. This type of navigation allows the EXVAC 660 to select a fast, smart and efficient cleaning route. 


Resume cleaning after a pause
If the battery of the vacuum and floor mopping robot is weak, it independently returns to the charging base. There, it charges itself and resumes the cleaning afterwards where it has left off earlier. For this reason, the Mamibot EXVAC 660 is also suitable for large floors. 


Easy and comfortable control of the Mamibot EXVAC 660
You can control the EXVAC 660 with a remote control or a smartphone-app. The app offers many useful functions: start, stop, set a cleaning schedule, select a cleaning mode, view live-status, view cleaning maps and a lot more. Like this, you can control the Mamibot EXVAC 660 on the go! 

Furthermore, the app allows a connection to voice services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It is thereby possible to control the Mamibot EXVAC 660 with voice commands. 


No falling off stairs
The vacuum and floor mopping robot is equipped with infrared anti-falling sensors. These enable the Mamibot 660 early detection of abysses such as stairs. For this reason, the robot doesn’t fall off stairs. 


Brushless motor for even more suction power
The EXVAC 660 is equipped with a brushless motor. Compared to a brush motor, it has a stronger suction power, less power consumption and a longer lifespan. 

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