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Mamibot Mamibot ExVac 680S Smarteye

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The revolutionary vacuum and floor mopping robot with artificial intelligence

The new vacuum and floor mopping robot from Mamibot impresses with technical sophistication and extra powerful suction power as well as an adjustable wiping function, app a

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

3in1 robot: sweeping, vacuuming and wiping
The Mamibot EXVAC 680S Smarteye suction and wiping robot is delivered with 2 different containers. This means it can not only vacuum, but also wipe. This means it can do two tiresome housework tasks in just one unit. 


The scope of delivery includes a dust container with 600 ml volume and the water tank holds 370 ml fresh water.  On the water tank a high-quality wipe is set, which provides for a thorough wiping. The microfibre cloth is washable and can be reused. 


Controlled water application in wipe mode
With the ExVac 680S, the water flow is electronically controlled via the water tank. This means that the water flow speed can be set individually and efficiently via the app. This allows the EXVAC680S to wipe for longer periods of time and create larger areas.


Dust Bin with 3-level filtration
Equipped with a three-level filtering consisting of HEPA filter, sponge and mesh to prevent secondary contamination, impurities are skilfully removed. 


Gyro Navigation System & Mapping
Using the gyro navigation system, the Exvac 680 S captures the premises and scans and maps them. The resulting intelligent map provides the ideal support for efficient cleaning of the premises in your home. The Mamibot ExVac therefore always knows where it is and which areas have already been cleaned or are still to be cleaned. It also independently optimises its cleaning process. 


Maximum safety thanks to state-of-the-art sensor technology
Equipped with 6 anti-falling sensors, the suction and wiping robot reacts skilfully around stairs, obstacles and other challenges during its cleaning operations. 


With its low overall height of 8.1 cm, it fits under many pieces of furniture and thus also takes care of the otherwise annoying cleaning of areas that are difficult to access. With a volume of only 55 dB, it is also particularly quiet. 


The EXVAC 680S combination robot effortlessly overcomes door thresholds and carpets up to an edge height of 20 mm. 


Free app for Android and iOS
The free Smartphone app is available for Android and iOS, and provides convenient control of the Mamibot ExVac 680S Smarteye suction and wiping robot from your smartphone - wherever you are. 


Product Features:

EXVAC 680S offers smart cleaning modes
Different conditions require different cleaning options. With the ExVac 680S Smarteye suction and wiping robot, different cleaning modes can be selected via the app. This means that every room is cleaned accordingly. The following cleaning modes are available:

Smart cleaning
Edge cleaning
Spot cleaning
Single room cleaning

Adjustable, extra strong suction power
With a particularly strong suction power of 2,000 Pa, dust and dirt are thoroughly removed. Hair is also reliably sucked in. The suction power can be set individually for each selected cleaning mode via the remote control. 


VSLAM algorithm creates a 3D model
After the robot has made a few rounds for orientation in the household, a visual 3D model of the surface is created. By mapping, the Mamibot EXVAC 680S Smarteye suction and wiping robot always knows its current location and can easily find its way back to the original point even if the location changes. 


8 cm long side brushes ensure clean edges
Two long side brushes are mounted on the underside of the ExVac 680S suction/wiping robot. These rotate during the cleaning process and sweep the dust out of the corners and edges. 


Washable dust container
The dust container and the prefilter can be cleaned with clear water. Please allow the components to dry completely in the ambient air before re-inserting them into the EXVAC 680S Smarteye and switching on the robot. 


Automatic charging process and location localization
Charging takes place either via the charging station or directly via the power supply unit. If the Li-Ion battery becomes weak, the Mamibot EXVAC 680S Smarteye suction and wiping robot automatically returns to the charging station and charges itself. After charging, the robot goes to the point where it interrupted its cleaning process and continues cleaning.

Included in delivery
Mamibot EXVAC 680S Smarteye

1 x Charging base
1 x Power cable
1 x HEPA Filter
2 x Side brushes
1 x Dust bin
1 x Water tank
1 x Cloth
1 x Cleaning tool


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