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Suitable for children over 10 years old.
Maximum speed of 16 km/h.
Three different driving modes.

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Start the fun with the eKickScooter ZING C20!
The future obsession of your teenager: the Ninebot eKickScooter ZING C20! This new model comes in a new fascinating color scheme, with a black frame, and red accents on the wheels and on the logo. The ZING C20 comes with 3 riding modes that can be adjusted to the level of each teenager. Finally, this model has a light structure and your teen can have fun with his/her friends for 20 km.

3 riding modes for each teenager
One ride, three different riding modes

Safe mode, slow and steady
The safe mode has a maximum speed of 10 km/h, making it perfect for beginners. They can accelerate by pressing the throttle integrated into the power button (the indicator light flashes rapidly and you hear 3 beeps).

Cruise mode, kick and go
This mode has a maximum speed of 16 km/h, all you need to get going is one kick and you can just cruise for the rest of the ride (the indicator light blinks slowly and you hear 2 beeps).

Turbo mode, let the adventure begin
For the more adventurous, sporty teens, turbo mode is the way to show your friends how it's done. The maximum turbo speed of the ZING C20 is 16km/h (10mph), your eKickScooter will be the biggest hit among your friends (the indicator light is on continuously and you hear 1 beep)."

One push on the handbrake and you are safe!
To ensure the safety of your teenager, the Ninebot eKickScooter ZING C20 is equipped with a powerful handbrake system that also features the EBS energy recovery system when braking: no energy is lost! The brake itself is located in the rear wheel to give your teen more stability.

Tough twin tube frame made for adventurous teens
The frame is made of very sturdy steel, with a triangular structure, which gives high durability and resistance to the product. The teen will have good stability on the footboard and will ride with confidence. The footboard is also made with non-slip material to give your teen a stable riding experience. In addition, this eKickScooter has an IPX4 rating, which means it is resistant to water splashes.

Powerful and compact battery design
The battery pack integrates the lithium-ion battery, the controller and the smart BMS (Battery Management System) into one compact module placed in the footboard to lower the center of gravity: this provides more stability during your teen's ride.

With a single charge of about 5 hours, the ZING C20 can last up to 20 km, which means a lot of fun can be had with friends!

One push on the thumb throttle and the fun begins!
The thumb throttle has a moderate resistance and responsiveness depending on the riding mode. Thanks to the 150 W rated power of the motor and a simple push of the throttle, the eKickScooter can go up to 10 km/h with safe mode and up to 16 km/h maximum speed (with Turbo and Cruise mode).

Hard-wearing, comfortable to ride solid rubber tires
The highly elastic solid rubber tires are designed to be wear-resistant, so there's no need to inflate the tire, and good news, they're also maintenance-free! Plus, the tire tread has been redesigned for better grip and non-slip, so the teen can ride with more confidence and therefore more fun!

Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) Comfortable Handles
The handles are made of Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) material, which is comfortable to hold and has superior non-slip properties. In addition, TPR handles are also easy to clean and maintain.

Try out the mood lighting feature with the ZING C20!
This is the feature that any teenager would love the most. With each riding mode, a different ambient light illuminates under their footboard:

In Safe mode, the lights turn red and flash;
In Cruise mode, the lights flash in a blue color;
But in Turbo mode, the lights flash in many colors!"
Easy to assemble and store
One of the advantages of this eKickScooter is that it is easy to fold and unfold with its 2-step folding mechanism. You only need one hand to fold and unfold the eKickScooter before storing it easily. Moreover, weighing 10 kg, the ZING C20 is easy to transport until the teenager starts riding.

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