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Tesvor Tesvor X500 Pro

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Tesvor X500 Pro
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Tesvor X500 Pro
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Equipped with modern sensors and functions, the Tesvor X 500 Pro masters the daily suction and wiping work completely independently. Both hard floors and carpets are cleaned. The Tesvor X500 Pro can be controlled manually or by app. In addition, voice com

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

This robot vacuum and mop is suitable for everyday use

The Tesvor X500 Pro model is suitable for anyone who wants to buy a robot vacuum cleaner with mop. It is suitable for beginners as well as for fans of household robots. 

Cleaning is carried out in a systematic manner. The robot vacuum mop mows in a so-called S-shaped movement, the floor surface. If desired, it can vacuum and wipe in one working step. This not only saves time, but also cleans twice!

Intelligent cleaning thanks to Gyroscope Navigation
With its intelligent navigation system, the living space is specifically cleaned. The robot vacuum and mop identifies surfaces that have already been cleaned and only travels on those surfaces that still need to be cleaned. This makes the Tesvor X 500 Pro particularly fast and efficient. 

Always "up to date" with OTA
Thanks to a WLAN connection, new updates can be easily transferred to the robot vacuum mop by the manufacturer. This ensures that the Tesvor X500 Pro is always up to date. 

Robust robot with clear design
The top of the X500 Pro is made of tempered glass. It is therefore particularly robust against scratches and therefore looks much better than comparable models with a pure plastic housing. 

A robot vacuum cleaner with mop
In addition to the dust container, a water tank is also included in the scope of delivery. The water tank is filled with fresh water and a microfibre cloth is mounted. This makes it easy to remove dirt and impurities from hard floors. After wiping, the microfibre cloth can be removed, washed out and reused. 

To use the suction function, the dust container is mounted inside the unit. The dust that has been sucked in is safely collected in this container. I simply have the dust container removed, emptied and replaced. In order to use the wipe function, the dust container can be exchanged for a water tank and a microfibre cloth in just a few simple steps. 

The Tesvor X500 Pro is equipped with an electrically controllable water tank. The amount of water applied can be individually adjusted and controlled via the app. Thus the range varies accordingly. 

Unique 3-step cleaning system
Tesvor X 500 Pro robot vacuum mop works with a 3-stage cleaning system. The rotating bottom rollers collect dust and dirt particles and transport them with a powerful suction system into the collection container. This guarantees a complete and thorough cleaning. 

Texvor X500 Pro creates a map in real-time
Based on the smart and on its innovative navigation, the robot vacuum and mop creates a space map in real-time. The X500 Pro uses it to plan its cleaning route and adapt itself skilfully to your home. The app can be used to monitor the cleaning progress. 

Smart control via App and Voice
The robot vacuum mop can be controlled and programmed from anywhere via the free app for iOS and Android. The app offers a wide range of functions and options. The cleaning processes can be monitored, a schedule can be set or the selection of the appropriate cleaning modes can be defined. 

The robot vacuum cleaner with mop can be controlled not only via the app in your pocket but also via the language assistant Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This makes the Tesvor X500 Pro a perfect addition to your smart home.  

Clean hard floors and carpets
The model X500 pro from Tesvor is recommended for 150 m2. The robot vacuum and mop cleans hard floors such as laminate, parquet and tiles as well as short-floor carpets. The Tesvor X500 Pro overcomes edges and steps up to 1.5 cm high. Note: when the water tank is mounted, the X 500 Pro cannot overcome heels.

Slim design
Since the robot vacuum and mop has a particularly low overall height of only 7.5 cm, it also fits well under low furniture and takes care of cleaning even in areas that are difficult to access, such as under the sofa or bed. 

2 extra-long side brushes
The side brushes protrude far beyond the edge of the unit and sweep the dirt out of corners and edges. A special edge cleaning function for the X500 Pro can be activated via the remote control as well as via the app. 

Convenient control via remote control
Included with the Tesvor X500 Pro is a remote control that allows convenient control of the robot vacuum mop. It can be used to manually control the robot with direction keys, set an automatic start time and select the cleaning mode. 

Modern sensors ensure safety
The robot vacuum cleaner with mop is equipped with a variety of sensors to ensure safe operation. The Tesvor X 500 Pro is equipped with fall and obstacle sensors. This allows obstacles to be detected and avoided at an early stage without bumping into them. In the case of stairs or landings, the robot reacts early and changes its direction of motion. 

Automatic charging process
When cleaning is complete, or the X500 pro battery is low, the robot vacuum and mop returns to the charging station and charges automatically.

What distinguishes the X500 Pro from the Tesvor X500?
The X500 Pro is equipped with a water tank and is a suction robot with a moping function. On the other hand, the X500 is only equipped with a dust container and has no wiping function. Optically the two models differ in the colour of the machine.

In the box:

Tesvor X500 Pro

1 Charging station
1 Adapter
1 Remote control without batteries (2x AAA necessary)
4 Side brushes
1 Cleaning tool
1 Filter/sponge
1 Manual

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