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LG Electronics VSR6600OB

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The New Robot Vacuum from LG for Allergy Sufferers!

Due to innovative features, intelligent navigation system and powerful suction power the LG VSR6600OB is the perfect robot hoover for large floors (max. 150 m2). Modern sensors and user-friendly techn

More than 40.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Now with Robonavi 10.0
To ensure an area-covering floor cleaning, the LG Hom Bot is equipped with the patented navigation system Robonavi 10.0. This Technology offers an intelligent navigation, being fast but nevertheless extremely thorough.


Smart Inverter Motor with Strong Suction Power
The robot vacuum is equipped with a Smart Inverter Motor. It is a brushless motor, avoiding producing any chemical erosion. The Smart Inverter Motor enables a long lifetime and an even stronger suction power.


Thoroughly Cleaned Floors due to Numerous Cleaning Modes
The LG VSR6600OB convinces with seven different cleaning modes. By using the remote control or the buttons on the robot vacuum there can be selected the following cleaning modes:


Zig-Zag Mode

The LG Hom Bot drives over the floors in Zig-Zag patterns to never leave out any spot.


Cell by Cell Mode

In Cell by Cell Mode the robot vacuum divides the area into smaller areas that are cleaned one after another.


Spot (Spiral) Mode

By driving spirally, the LG robot hoover thoroughly cleans a small area.


My Space Mode

In My Space Mode the LG VSR6600OB cleans a pre-programmed (with the remote control) area.


Smart Turbo Mode

The LG robot vacuum automatically increases its suction power when driving on a carpet.


Turbo Mode

In Turbo Mode the LG Hom Bot is able to clean carpets and hard floors with even more efficiency and power.


Repeat Mode

Is the Repeat Mode activated, the robot hoover will clean the given area as long until battery is low and it automatically returns to its charging station.


LG VSR6600OB with Learn-Function
Thanks to the modern Learn-Function, the LG robot vacuum is able to learn given room conditions. That’s what makes it possible to recognize obstacles in time to avoid collision.


Robot Vacuum with Charging Station
When battery is low or the cleaning process is finished, the LG Hombot automatically returns to its charging station. As soon as the charging process is completed the robot hoover continues with its cleaning task where it has stopped for charging.


Useful Features
To ensure a convincing cleaning result and an easy handling the LG robot vacuum is equipped with many innovative features:


Extra Large Dirt Bin
With a capacity of 600 ml the dirt bin of LG Hom Bot offers more than enough space for dirt and dust particles.


Mastering Thresholds
The LG VSR6600OB masters thresholds (carpets, thresholds) with up to 1.5 cm.


Multilingual and Easy Handling
Due to a Voice Guide and user-friendly technology the LG Hom Bot can be operated effortlessly. The Voice Guide can be set in the following languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish


EPA Filter Included
In the dirt bin there is an EPA filter included, keeping even the smallest dust particles. It is the ideal robot hoover for allergy sufferers. We recommend to regularly clean and replace the filter.


Modern Sensors
With a multiplicity of sensors the LG Hom Bot is able to recognize dangerous situations in time to be able to avoid them (abysses, obstacles, etc.).


Corner Master
With its square design and extra long side brushes the LG robot vacuum can thoroughly remove dirt and dust particles even from hardly reachable spots. That ensures clean edges and corners.


The Lesson is Clear
The LG VSR6600OB is the ideal robot hoover, if:

• Your household offers up to 150 m2
• You are an allergy sufferer
• The robot vacuum should provide an intelligent navigation
• It should be controllable via remote control

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