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More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Strong vacuum ensures firm grip and cleanliness
The window cleaning machine moves with two caterpillar treads up to 12 cm/s. For the cleaning an exchangeable microfiber pad is fixed to the bottom of Hobot 268 window cleaning robot. A strong centrifugal pump produces strong negative pressure that ensures firm grip on vertical surfaces and that vacuums dust.


Washable microfiber pads for a brilliant cleaning result
The microfibre pads can be washed and are easily fixed on the window cleaning robot’s bottom. A Velcro fastener ensures a firm fit and an easy handling when changing the pads.


During the cleaning process a strong negative pressure vacuums dust which sticks to the microfibre cloth. Even if the pad is dirty long and soft fibres prevent the glass from scratches.


Note: Please use microfibre pads by Hobot only for a brilliant glass cleaning.


Firm grip due and safety
The strong vacuum motor ensures firm grip on smooth glass surfaces. In case of power failure an integrated Lithium polymer battery prevents the window cleaning machine from falling down. Furthermore, the device can be fixed with a safety rope (tensile force: 150 kg).


Hobot 268 suitable for many kinds of surfaces
The window cleaning machine cleans all glass surfaces like windows, glass doors, mirrors, shower cubicles. But it can also be used for the cleaning of tiled walls.


Even different surfaces within the same area can be cleaned without an interruption by Hobot 268, because the pressure and the pneumatic microfiber pad mount adjust to the surface automatically. The maximum cleaning area should not be higher than 6 metres and wider than 5 metres.


Cleaning of frameless windows
The window cleaning robot is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI technology). This technology helps the robot to detect the window surface and to calculate an intelligent cleaning route. Due to two sensors it can also be used on frameless windows:

A pressure sensor controls the vacuum.
A laser sensor measures distance and height while the Hobot is moving freely on the surface. Thus it detects the edges of frameless window surfaces.

Cleaning: automatic or remote control
The robot has three automatic cleaning programs for clean windows without any streaks. After finishing the cleaning program, the robot stops automatically. You can also navigate the Hobot via remote control.


Hobot 268 vs. Hobot 188 and 198
Unlike Hobot 188 and 198, Hobot 268 can also be used on frameless window surfaces. While Hobot 188 and 198 are moving via special cleaning wheels, the square-shaped 263 model uses caterpillar treads. In contrast to Hobot 198 the 263 model doesn’t have an app control.


Hobot 268 is the right window cleaning robot for you if

you are looking for a robot which is able to clean different surfaces (e.g. windows, mirrors, tiles)
you have to clean a lot of frameless windows
the cleaning area is not larger than 30 m2
there are windows in your household that are difficult to access and you don’t like or can’t clean them by yourself

revoyre Posted on 5 April 2018 at 17:04

super a condition de passer en deux fois une fois muillée avec votre vaporisateur et votre produit lave vitre et lingette jaune puis une fois a sec avec lingette bleue et la il n'y a plus de trace

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