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Worx Worx Landroid L800 (WR148E) 2021

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Worx Landroid L800 (WR148E) 2021
Worx Landroid L800 (WR148E) 2021

The Worx Landroid WR148E is a compact robot mower for medium and complex lawns. Its maximum mowing capacity is 800 m2. If the lawn is not only flat but also sloping, the Worx L800 is capable of mowing slopes of up to ±35 %. It can be operated either via t

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Who is the Worx L800 (WR148E) suitable for?
The Worx WR148E model is recommended for lawns with a maximum area of 1,000 m2. Thanks to its robust construction and the powerful 20V lithium-ion battery, the robot mower can also reliably master slopes of up to ±35 %. The adjustable cutting height can be set between 30 and 60 mm.


How does the Worx robot lawn mower do its job?
The mowing is done according to the mulching principle. The grass is cut by 3 sharp blades. The cut grass falls to the ground as mulch, decomposes over time and thus provides the lawn with natural fertiliser and moisture.


A boundary wire is used to define the working area. This must be installed along the edge of the garden. As soon as the installation work is completed, the robot lawn mower can be used. A particular advantage is that the Worx L800 is already pre-programmed at the factory. This means that the WR148E is quickly ready for its first use.


A special product feature is the "Cut-to-Edge". This function ensures flush mowing along the boundary wire. This means that the lawn is mown thoroughly both in the area and at the lawn edge. This mode of operation also makes finishing the edge almost unnecessary.

Quick cleaning with a water hose
According to the manufacturer, the Worx WR148E can be cleaned with a garden hose. This makes it easy to remove lawn debris from the housing and the underside of the robot grass cutter.

Operation via LCD display
In addition to the app, the L800 model offers operation via an LCD display with particularly intuitive menu navigation. This makes programming and changing settings easy on the robot mower.

1 battery for several devices
The powerful 20V lithium-ion battery of the Worx Landroid L800 can also be used with other products in the Worx family. The PowerShare option gives you maximum flexibility and saves you time and money. The battery can be removed with one click.
Comfortable control via the app
In addition to operation via the LCD display, the Worx L800 can also be controlled via an app. The "Worx Landroid" app is available free of charge for iOS and Android devices


iOS (App Store)
Android (Google Play)
Updating the firmware of the Worx robot mower is done automatically via a WiFi connection. This way, the Worx L800 is always "up to date".
Smart and innovative mowing by the Worx L800

Robot lawn mower from Worx works reliably and safely
For a safe and automatic mowing, the Landroid L800 (WR148E) is equipped with numerous sensors. The robot grass cutter has tilt and lift sensores as well as an obstacle detection. Once the robot mower is tilted or lifted during its mowing process, a safety sensor immediately stops the rotation disc.


A PIN-Code prevents the usage by unauthorised persons or children. In the (unlikely) event that the Worx L800 is removed from your garden without your permission, it cannot be used without this code (Theft protection).


Product highlight: side mounted charging contacts
The models from Worx have side charging contacts. This has the particular advantage, that the robot mower always drives forward into its charging station. This forward drive cannot be changed. BUT it offers extra flexibility with the placement of the station in your garten. One additional thing should be mentioned: The plate of the station is open and the grass can grow through it. This makes the plate almost invisible in the lawn.


In which way can the Worx Landroid L800 (WR148E) be operated and installed?
The operation of the Worx robot grass cutter can be done via the smartphone app but also via its display on the device itself. The Worx Landroid WR148E is pre-programmed when it will be delivered. After you set the boundary wire, the robot will be ready for its mowing process. All required installation components are included in the scope of delivery.


Expandable, optional accessories
To customize your robot lawn mower, a wide rage of additional accessories is available. This gives you a robot mower that perfectly suits your gardening needs.

Anti-Collision-System (ACS)
The robot lawn mower uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles. This allows it to avoid objects hitting them.


Voice Control
Use this add-on to control the Worx WR148E by voice command through the built-in speakers.


Should your robot lawn mower be stolen from your garden, you will re-find its position thanks to 4G technology.


Off Limits
This is a virtual boundary option. It is recommended for lawns with lots of obstacles. With this additional option, the installation of the wire will be easier.


Content sales packaging:

  • Worx Landroid L800
  • Charging station
  • Fixing nails (8 pcs.)
  • Power supply
  • Boundary wire (150 m)
  • Pegs (210 pcs.)
  • Distance rule (2 pcs.)
  • Replacement blades plus screws (9 pcs.)
  • Hexagonal key
  • Manual


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