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Xiaomi Xiaomi Roborock H6

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Xiaomi Roborock H6
Xiaomi Roborock H6
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90 min. ultra-long battery life - 1.4 kg light design - 140 AW extreme suction - extensive 0.3 stage air filtration - long life engineering - automatic turbo carpet mode

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

90 min. ultra-long battery life - 1.4 kg light design - 140 AW extreme suction - extensive 0.3 stage air filtration - long life engineering - automatic turbo carpet mode

Discover deeper and longer cleaning of the home with Xiaomi's wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, but above all, beat the dirt with the new Roborock H6. It takes Roborock's experience in building robotic vacuums and applies it to a cordless handheld vacuum, offering a new and more powerful cleaning solution that can be used independently or in addition to a robot vacuum.

Continue to clean for much longer

The H6 is the world's first cordless broom vacuum cleaner using a Lithium-Ion Polymer battery. Developed especially for Roborock, its lightweight battery offers incredible run times of 90 minutes in Eco and 10 minutes in Max modes.

Lightweight and maneuverable

Precision engineering, advanced materials and a very lightweight battery result in a vacuum cleaner that weighs only 1.4 kg (3 lbs.). You'll find it easy to lift into the highest corners and even transport from room to room, in vehicles and more.

It removes contaminants and allergens

The five-stage air purification system filters out up to 99.97 % of particles down to 0.3 microns: only clean air escapes from the vacuum cleaner.

  • STAGE 1 - Larger than 0.4mm: Large dirt particles, including food scraps, paper and hair
  • STAGE 2 - Larger than 0.4mm: Particles of 0.4 mm or more, including coarse sand and wood splinter
  • STAGE 3 - 0.4mm to 2.6μm: Particles measuring between 2.6 μm and 0.4 mm, including mites, mite faeces, pollen, mould and dander
  • STAGE 4 - 2.6μm to 0.3μm: Particles larger than 0.3 μm, including bacteria and larger air pollutants
  • STAGE 5 - 0.3μm: A final HEPA filter that captures particles down to 0.3 μm, including bacteria and air pollutants

Extreme suction force

Supported by a 420 W brushless motor, a multistage drive generates a maximum suction force of 140 AW. This is enough to remove particles and mites from carpets, beds and vehicle upholstery.

Deeper cleaning for carpets

Suction power is intelligently increased when a carpet is detected, and a 50W motor drives antistatic carbon fibre bristles at about 4,000 rpm through durable, long-lasting planetary gears to generate greater cleaning power.

Delicate and deep cleaning for hard floors

Turning at 1100 rpm, the soft floor brush roller easily lifts dust and dirt off hard floors. The anti-static materials and anti-tangle design keep the cleaning longer without maintenance.

Long life and OLED Easy-View display

No more anxiety about autonomy. A bright OLED Easy-View display clearly shows all critical information, including battery level, time remaining, mode selected, maintenance alerts and more. In addition, the Roborock H6 has been designed to last in the toughest of homes, as it is made of premium materials, ensuring a long life.

Simple locking and low noise level

It eliminates manual fatigue with a simple button that blocks the suction. Release the activator and continue cleaning. Even unpleasant noise won't be a problem, as it is minimised by a noise dampening chamber and advanced airflow control, and further reduced by the rear filter.

Efficient washing and easy location

Once you're done, it's time to clean it up and put it away. The front and rear filters, as well as the entire dust bowl, are easily removed for washing, which increases overall cleanliness and prolongs its life. Finally, you'll easily find the perfect place to set it up with the separate charging base and wall mount options.

Choose the brush that suits you best

Don't adapt to the situation; make the situation adapt to you. Thanks to the multiple types of brushes included, you will not find problems when cleaning any type of surface:

  • Hard floor brush: A soft roller bar captures fine dust for powerful yet gentle cleaning
  • Carpet brush: The gear, a 50 W motor and the antistatic carbon fibre bristles clean the carpets more thoroughly
  • Mini motorized brush: It removes dust from soft furniture with a fast rotating brush
  • Dusting brush: Long bristles are ideal for dusting and vacuuming flat surfaces
  • Nook and cranny tool: Narrow and long, ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and narrow nooks
  • Extendable tube: Combine with the nook and cranny tool or dusting brush to clean up uncomfortable areas.

Keep dust and dirt out of your home. Buy Roborock H6 in PowerPlanetOnline.

Specifications Xiaomi Roborock H6 - Cordless / Bagless Vacuum

  • General parameters
    • Brand: Xiaomi Roborock
    • Model: H6
    • Material: ABS plastic and aluminum alloy
    • Dust tank capacity: 0.5 L
    • Noise: 72 dB
    • For all types of surfaces: carpets, wood, ceramics, marble, tiles, textiles, etc.
  • Motor
    • Type: 420W Without Ecobillas
    • Suction power: 2,000 Pa
    • Suction Force: 140 AW
  • Battery
    • Type: 80 Wh Li-Po
    • Capacity: 3610 mAh
    • Autonomy
      • Eco Mode: 90 minutes
      • Normal Mode: 45 minutes
      • Maximum Mode: 10 minutes
  • Dimensions and weight
    • Measures: 284 x 111 x 221 mm
    • Product weight: 1.4 kg
  • Package content
    • 1x Xiaomi Roborock H6 - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner / Bagless
    • 1x Brushes for hard floors
    • 1x Carpet brush
    • 1x Motorized mini brush
    • 1x Dust brush
    • 1x Tool for recesses
    • 1x Extensible Tube

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