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Yardforce Yard Force NX 100i 2021

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Yard Force NX 100i
Yard Force NX 100i
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The powerful robot lawn mower Yard Force NX 100i will adapt itself to the conditions in the garden as well as to the needs of the owner. It works lawns up to a maximum of 1,000 m2 and independently masters slopes of ±40 %. The Yard Force robot mower's rel

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Why is the Yard Force NX 100i so special?
Its application area are gardens of up to 1,000 m². The Yardforce robot mower can also be challenging, as it can independently find its way around multi-layered and hilly areas. With its powerful Li-Ion battery, it can also cope with slopes of up to 40 %. The NX100i model from Yard Force is a reliable partner for complex lawns thanks to its multi-zone programming. The various mowing zones are set within the smartphone app. The cutting height can be adjusted in 5 steps between 20-60 mm.


How does the robot lawn mower work?
Once installed, the Yard Force NX 100i works completely independently. At the beginning the boundary wire must be laid, this defines the working area. In the meantime, charge the robot grass cutter on the station and then the commissioning can take place. Operation is either via the digital control panel on the Yard Force NX 100i itself or via the "MowAp" app. When the Li-ion battery becomes low, the robot returns to its station to recharge and continues its mowing work until it has reached its daily target.
Robot mower with rain sensor


The robot mower is equipped with a rain sensor.
This interrupts the mowing operation in bad weather. The Yardforce SA 650 ECO therefore returns to its charging station when it rains, recharges itself and continues its mowing operation when the weather is good.

Yard Force NX 100i

Detecting obstacles with iRadar
Thanks to the built-in iRadar technology, the robot mower detects obstacles and protects itself as well as objects, people and animals from collision or injury. The ultrasonic radar is already integrated in all models of the NX series from Yardforce.

When it rains: pause
The rain sensor can be switched on and off. We do not recommend deactivating it, as wet grass easily sticks to the blade disc and the wheels. This leads to increased cleaning and maintenance work on the robot grass cutter.

User-friendly operation
Whether via the digital panel on the NX100i itself or via the app, the robot lawn mower is quick and easy to operate and program. In addition to the standard functions, the app offers further individual programming options and supports 13 different languages.

Operates via App
In addition to the digital panel, the Yardforce NX100i is equipped with WIFI and app control. The app called "MowAp" can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.


There are various functions and commands available within the app, such as a multi-zone programme, the home function or mowing time programming, etc. This allows the robot grass cutter robot to be monitored and controlled from anywhere with a smartphone in your pocket.

More safety and convenient operation
Safety is particularly important!
Like its two model siblings in the new NX series from Yard Force, the NX 100i is also equipped with a wide range of safety functions. These ensure safe use in the garden. In addition to the iRadar for early detection of obstacles, the robot lawn mower is also equipped with lift and tilt sensors, pin code, alarm. This ensures safe use in the garden.


What do I have to consider for the installation?
All accessories required for commissioning the robot mower are included in the scope of delivery. Once the perimeter wire has been laid and the robot has been charged, it can already start its first mowing operation.

Yard Force NX 100i - robot lawn mower (2021 model)
Yard Force NX 100i
Charging station
Wire (9 m)
Boundary wire (200 m)
Pegs (220 pcs.)
Connectors (3 pcs.)
Replacement blades (9 pcs.)
Replacement screws (3 pcs.)
Distance ruler

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