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Yardforce Yard Force NX 60i 2021

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Yard Force NX 60i
Yard Force NX 60i
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The Yard Force NX 60i is the smallest model in the new Yard Force NX series. But even the smallest model has it all and comes with all the features of the larger models. The robot lawn mower NX 60i is designed for owners of demanding properties. Its maxim

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

What is the NX60i from Yardforce?
This is a robot lawn mower from Yard Force, suitable for medium-sized gardens up to 650 m2. Once programmed, the robot grass cutter works completely independently. It can cope with slopes of up to ±40 % and is equipped with a wide range of safety features. The smart control via app completes the total package of the robot mower. The adjustable cutting height can be set between 20 and 60 mm.


How does the Yard Force NX60i work?
The robot is always accurate and starts by mowing along the boundary wire, i.e. along the edge of the property, and then works its way around the area in a free movement pattern. The Yardforce NX60i adapts its mowing speed to the conditions. It can cope with gradients of up to 40 % and regulates its speed accordingly. When the battery is low, the robot mower returns to the charging station on its own, charges itself and continues mowing. If it starts to rain, the rain sensor on the robot reacts and causes the robot lawn mower to pause. After the sensor has dried out, the NX 60i continues its mowing operation.


What is special about the NX series?
The NX models are new to the range from 2021 and offer a suitable robot mower for medium to large gardens. All 3 models offer safety features and app control, which allow reliable operation and monitoring from anywhere.

Featured with iRadar
With this special feature, the robot grass cutter NX 60i detects obstacles that are placed in the driveway. The technology detects objects in a radius of 0.2 - 2 m and thus prevents a collision between the robot and the obstacle.

App for smart control
The robot lawn mower can be (re)programmed, monitored and the mowing progress can be tracked from home, the office or while on holiday. The app can also be used to define the multi-zone area. The app is available in 13 different languages.

It is allowed to be more complex
The model is characterised by its particularly good climbing ability. The Yardforce NX 60i adapts its speed automatically and thus also covers hilly and steeper areas up to max. ±40 %. This is made possible by its powerful li-ion 28 V | 2 Ah battery.

How can I control the Yardforce NX60i?
Once the boundary wire has been laid and attached with the cable hooks along the property, the robot lawn mower is ready for use. It is operated via the digital panel on the device itself or via the app.

Smartphone app
This app is available for Android and iOS in the well-known stores. The app supports 13 different languages.


Please note, that not all functions are possible without the app - therefore it is recommended to install the app on your smartphone.

A robot mower for higher demands
Slopes up to ±40 % mowable
If the area has a rather complex ground layout, or is hilly to moderately sloping, then the NX60i from Yard Force is a suitable model. It scores with a powerful battery and flexibility in application and use. Multi-zones can be programmed via the app, and the start time can be customised via the smartphone.


A safe mowing operation is important!
To ensure that the automatic lawn helper is used reliably and safely - the robot grass cutter robot has been equipped with a variety of technical features. It has a radar and rain sensor as well as obstacle detection, tilt and lift sensors and turnover sensors. To prevent unauthorised persons from using the robot lawn mower, it is protected with a pin code and an alarm.

Yard Force NX 60i - robot lawn mower (2021 model)
Yard Force NX 60i
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