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Yardforce Yard Force NX 80i 2021

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Yard Force NX 80i
Yard Force NX 80i
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It can be a little bit more of everything for the Yard Force NX 80i - because the robot grass cutter feels at home in medium and more complex gardens. Even hilly areas up to a maximum of 40 % can be mowed effortlessly, thanks to the powerful li-ion batter

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Robot lawn mower for multi-zone gardens
Hilly areas are always a little difficult for a garden owner to maintain. Size is less important than the challenge of managing steeper areas. The Yard Force NX80i is a model that independently mows slopes of ±40 %. The robot grass cutter automatically regulates its speed and adapts to the situation.


How does the Yardforce NX80i operate?
The working range is determined with the boundary wire supplied with the unit. After only a few steps, the robot lawn mower is ready for use.


What is the multi-zone programme for?
This function can only be set via app. It allows you to adjust and define different areas of the garden. Thus, more complex areas can be divided into individual sub-areas to simplify the processing for the robot mower.


The garden consists of a main and a secondary area, which are connected by a corridor.


New NX series from Yard Force
The 3 models of the new Yardforce series will be available from this spring 2021. The range has been designed for discerning garden owners and includes suitable models for gardens up to 1,000 m2. These robot lawn mowers meet higher requirements and are available for medium to large lawns with gradients up to max. ±40 %. They can be flexibly programmed, offer app control and can detect obstacles at an early stage thanks to ultrasonic sensors.

Yard Force NX 80i

No collision with obstacles
The Yard Force robot grass cutter is equipped with iRadar, an ultrasound technology that detects obstacles at an early stage and prevents collisions. The detection distance here is between 0.2 - 2 m.

Multi zones are possible
Since not every garden consists of a single area, Yardforce offers with the model NX80i a robot mower that has a multi-zone programme to choose from via the app. This allows main and sub zones to be defined and approached.

For areas up to max. 800 m2
The Yard Force robot lawn mower is suitable for more complex gardens. The maximum area output per week is 800 m2. Once installed, the Yardforce NX80i performs its mowing work reliably and completely autonomously.

Smartphone app for operation
The robot grass cutter can be controlled and programmed via app. Some basic settings can also be made on the robot itself. The app is used to send information and notifications to the Yard Force NX80i. The app is available free of charge for iOS and Android devices and supports 13 languages.


Please note:

However, it is important to know that the multi-zone programme is only possible via the app. Therefore it is recommended to install it.

The right choice for sloping lawn areas
Automatic lawn care
This model from Yard Force is suitable for use on lawns of up to 800 m2. With its powerful lithium-ion battery (28 V / 2.9 Ah), it handles with gradients of max. ±40 % and automatically adapts its mowing speed to the conditions. The cutting height can be adjusted in five steps between 20 and 60 mm on the Yard Force NX80i, depending on requirements and preferences.


Robot lawn mower with mulching principle
On the bottom of the robot is a rotating disc with 3 blades. This means that the robot mower cuts the grass a little at every run. The cutted grass clippings fall to the ground and decompose. Thanks to this mulching principle, a natural fertilisation takes place and the annoying disposal of the lawn cuttings is from now on omitted.


Various sensors ensuring maximum safety
The NX80i model, like its other siblings (NX60i and NX100i), is equipped with a wide range of safety sensors. The lift and tilt sensors automatically stop the rotating knife disc when the Yard Force is lifted or tilted. Thanks to the ultrasonic sensors, the Yardforce NX80i automatically detects obstacles and avoids them. A PIN code security system with alarm protects the robot from being started by strangers or children.


Easy to install and operate
With its user-friendly technology - a digital panel and app control - this robot lawn mower model from Yardforce is very convincing. It can be used in the garden after a few simple steps. All installation accessories, such as boundary wire, cable connectors or pegs and replacement blades, are included in the scope of delivery.

Yard Force NX 80i - robot lawn mower (2021 model)
Yard Force NX 80i
Charging station
Wire (9 m)
Boundary wire (150 m)
Pegs (200 pcs.)
Connectors (3 pcs.)
Replacement blades (6 pcs.)
Replacement screws (3 pcs.)
Distance ruler

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