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BOSCH Bosch Indego S+ 500 Connected 2021

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Bosch Indego S+ 500
Bosch Indego S+ 500

The Bosch Indego S+ 500 Connected robot lawn mower is suitable for complex gardens with a maximum lawn area of 500 m2 and slopes of up to 15°. It offers the same functions as the Indego S 500 - an intelligent navigation system "Logicut", AutoCalender func

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Automatic mowing up to 500 m2
A special brand feature of the robot grass cutters from Bosch is LogiCut - an intelligent navigation system. Thanks to this intelligent technology, the Bosch Indego S+ 500 covers the surface to be cut "path by path" and is more efficient and faster compared to other models with free movement patterns. Thanks to the AutoClaender function, the robot mower maps the area and calculates the optimal way to work in the garden. The S and M versions from Bosch are equipped with an exchangeable battery. It has a high-quality finish and offers electronic cell protection to prevent overcharging and overheating.


How does the Bosch Indego S+ 500 work?
Its terrain is gardens up to a maximum of 500m2. It may also be somewhat more complex or hilly, because the robot grass cutter has the necessary grip on wet grass or on slopes up to max. ± 27% thanks to its wheels. In addition, they are gentle on the lawn and don’t destroy it.

The area to be mowed is optimally managed by the robot lawn mower. This is done thanks to the AutoCalender function. It maps partial areas and entire garden areas and calculates the optimal mowing method.

The area is managed systematically - "line by line" thanks to LogiCut technology. The Bosch Indego S+ 500 begins its mowing job by first following the boundary wire along the edge of the property and then mowing the inner lawn area. Thanks to this method of operation, it is up to 2 times faster than comparable models that mow randomly.

When the battery level becomes too low, the Bosch Indego S+ 500 returns to its charging station and recharges. Later, the robot lawn mower resumes its work.


Logical mowing and adjustable cutting height
The cutting height can be selected in steps. The central height adjustment is easily accessible and ebso simple to set. There are 3 different cutting heights to choose from.

"Logicut" and AutoCalender function ensure systematic operation. The robot mower divides the area into smaller sections and mows them one by one. This enables the Indego S+ 500 Connected to mow the entire garden faster than robot lawn mowers with a chaotic principle.


Mulching principle
The grass is cut back a little each time it is driven out. The blades of grass remain on the lawn and rot. Thanks to this mulching principle, the lawn is supplied with nutrients in a natural way and develops magnificently. In addition, the grass cuttings no longer have to be disposed of.

Interchangeable battery (18 V / 2.5 Ah)
The Bosch Indego S+ is also equipped with an interchangeable battery from the Power4All battery system. This allows it to be used with other Bosch gardening and hand tools. This brings more flexibility and dynamism to the use of the Bosch product family.

App control
To enable access from anywhere, the Indego S+ 500 Connect is equipped with GSM technology. This allows the S+ 500 robot mower to be monitored, controlled and controlled from anywhere using an app for smartphone or tablet.

Bosch Smart Gardening App
Operation via display or app
The robot lawn mower has a clear display. It can be programmed and set via this. In addition to manual operation, the S+ Connect model from Bosch offers app control. This is available free of charge for iOS and Android in the respective stores.

Link for iOS Store available for Apple smartphone or tablet “App “Bosch Smart Gardening”
This is a link to the Android Google Play Store for smartphones or tablets: App “Bosch Smart Gardening”
Bosch Indego S+ 500 - user-oriented, smart operability
Not only smart - but also secure!
The Bosch Indego S+ 500 Connected is equipped with numerous sensors at the factory. These ensure reliable but also safe operation. The touch sensors and a rubber buffer ensure early obstacle detection. The anti-theft device with automatic locking provides additional protection against theft. Using a personal PIN code, the robot mower can only be unlocked by you. There is an emergency stop button on the top of the robot grass cutter. This button is used to stop the mowing work and the blades immediately in an emergency.


What do I have to consider for the installation of the Bosch Indego S+ 500?
For the initial start-up, the boundary wire must be laid. This defines the working area. Once this has been done, you can start setting up the robot lawn mower. The display guides you through the installation with step-by-step instructions.


Guarantee and manufacturer's knowledge database
Our tip is to register your Bosch S+ 500 via the "MyBosch" website. This registration gives you access to a database full of useful tips and tricks. In addition, by registering your Bosch Indego S+ 500 robotic lawnmower online, you will receive an additional year of manufacturer's warranty. Please note that this must be done within 30 days of purchase. This gives you a full 3-year manufacturer's guarantee!

Bosch Indego S+ 500 Connected (2021 model) - robot lawn mower
Bosch Indego S 500
Charging station incl. 4 fastening screws
Power adapter
Boundary wire (150 m)
Pegs (240 pcs.)
Connectors (2 pcs.)

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