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Gardena Gardena Sileno minimo 500 2021

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Like its name suggests, the larger model in the new Gardena minimo series, the Gardena Sileno minimo 500, is designed for lawns up to a maximum of 500 m2. Its field of application covers small to medium-sized private gardens. Equipped with a lithium-ion b

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

What is the Sileno minimo 500 from Gardena?
This is one of two new models in the Sileno minimo series. minimo stands for small to medium size, is an inexpensive but high-quality product series that leaves almost nothing to be desired in the technical field. The new robot lawn mowers from Gardena, the minimo's, are available in 2 models. minimo 250 and Sileno minimo 500. The names 250 and 500 stand for the area capacity. The technical differences between the models are the area coverage and the scope of delivery. The functionality as well as the usability are the same for the minimo robot mowers.


How does the Sileno minimo work?
A boundary wire defines the working area for the robot grass cutter. This is included in the scope of delivery and must be installed along the edge of the garden. During its work, the Gardena Sileno minimo 500 cuts the grass a little each time. This happens with three rotating blades. The cutting height can be adjusted between 20 and 55 mm and can be changed without much effort. The robot lawn mower performs its mowing task reliably and regardless of the weather. It impresses above all with its low weight of only 6.5 kg and the uncomplicated operability via Bluetooth app. Control via Bluetooth app is also a key feature of the Sileno minimo series.


The Sileno minimo robot mowers take care of the lawn cutting fully automatically, precisely and reliably. Thanks to the SensorCut system, it leaves no stripes and ensures a harmonious cut. Narrow areas and sack alleys are mown without any problems thanks to the CorridorCut function.

Gardena Silenominimo
hose cleaning
Cleaning is made easy with a garden hose
leaning the robotic lawnmower is quick and easy with the garden hose. If necessary, you can clean the casing, the blades and the wheels of the Gardena Sileno minimo 500 with a water hose.

Sileno stands for quiet work
As the name suggests, this is a very quietly operating robot mower. Its volume is stated at 60 dB, which corresponds to the volume of a normal conversation. This makes it possible to use the mower in areas with dense populations, such as in a residential complex.

Optimised for use in narrow corridors
With its "CorridorCut" function, the Gardena Sileno minimo automatically notices when it is in a narrow passage. The robot lawn mower corrects its navigation accordingly and traverses the spot particularly efficiently.

Gardena Sileno minimo 500 - a safe and powerful robot
Safety first for an automatic lawn care
To ensure safe operation, the Gardena Sileno City 500 is equipped with various sensors. The robot mower has a collision sensor that detects obstacles and changes its direction of movement when it collides with an object. Lift and tilt sensors stop the blades immediately if the robot mower is lifted or tilted. A PIN code ensures protection against unauthorised usage and against theft.


A well maintained lawn thanks to the mulching function
The robot grass cutter moves at a random speed and cuts the lawn with three sharp blades that are mounted on a rotating disc. Clipped leaves of grass fall to the ground as mulch, acting as a moisturiser and natural fertiliser.


Bluetooth app control
A new feature for the Sileno minimo model is controllability through a Bluetooth app. Thanks to simple menu navigation and a set-up assistant, the robot is very easy to install. On the robot lawn mower itself, basic settings can be made, the mowing schedules and other settings can be configured in the app.

The Gardena Bluetooth app is available for Android and iOS.


In the box

  • Gardena Sileno minimo 250 (15201-20)
  • Charging station
  • Boundary wire (150 m)
  • Pegs (150 pcs.)
  • Connectors (4 pcs.)
  • Connecting terminals (5 pcs.)
  • Distance ruler
  • Manual

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