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Moneual Moneual MBOT 900 combi vacuum/mop - Copy

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The robot vacuum is particularly suitable for the cleaning of hard floors and carpets. It removes dust, dirt and hair reliably, while there are three different suction levels available. The Moneual MBOT900 is the first robot hooverby Moneual which can be

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Moneual MBOT900: the perfect robot hoover for different types of floors

Cleans hard floors and carpets
The MBOT900 is provided with a combined floor brush which is made of bristles and fins. Therefore, the robot vacuumdoesn’t only clean hard floors but also carpets (short or middle pile). 

With smart sensors, the robot is able to differ carpets from hard floors. As soon as it drives on a carpet, the suction power is raised appropriately. 


Clean edges thanks to long side brushes
The Moneual 900 is equipped with two long side brushes. With them, it gets into hard-to-reach corners. Furthermore, the robot also cleans very thoroughly along edges like walls or sidebars. 


Fits under low furniture
With a height of only 9.9 cm, the Moneual MBOT900 drives under a lot of low furniture, such as beds or sofas. Therefore, the vacuum robot also cleans hard-to-reach areas which can hardly be cleaned with a normal vacuum cleaner.


Doorsteps and carpets are crossed
The robot vacuum can drive over doorsteps and carpets with a maximum height of 1 cm. Because of this, it independently gets from one room to another to continue the cleaning. 


MBOT900: an especially smart robot hoover

Controlled via smartphone-app
The Moneual MBOT900 can be comfortably controlled via smartphone-app (available for iOS and Android) – even when you are not at home. Via app, it can be set a cleaning schedule. During the cleaning, a live-map can be available. 


Zone-cleaning via app
During the cleaning, the robot creates a map of your home which can be separated into zones later. It is possible to make the robot hoover clean a specific zone or to exclude a zone from the cleaning. 

With the app, you cannot only set cleaning times for the full surface. If desired, you can also pre-programme the cleaning for specific zones. 

Smart navigation for a thorough cleaning
On the top side of the vacuum robot there is a laser scanner with which it scans its environment. This is why the MBOT900 always know where it is. It can locate itself and plan the most efficient route. 

An ideal robot hoover for allergy sufferers
In the dust bin of this vacuum robotthere is a very efficient HEPA H11 filter. This filter keeps even the finest particles and allergens in the dust bin. Therefore, the Moneual MBOT900 is especially recommended for allergy sufferers.  

Note: The filter unit is washable under running water and therefore reusable for a long time. 


Three different suction levels and a brushless motor
The MBOT900 is provided with a powerful, brushless motor. Furthermore, you can select one out of three different suction levels. This way, you can individually adjust the suction power to the given floor conditions. The highest suction level offers a suction power of up to 1,500 Pa. 


Cleaning tasks can be pre-programmed
With this robot hoover it is possible to pre-programme the starting times for the cleaning. Then, the robot starts cleaning automatically. It vacuums your floors until the battery gets low. Then, it returns to the charging station automatically where it charges itself. Afterwards, it continues the cleaning task where it has interrupted earlier. 

The Moneual MBOT900 is equipped with a powerful and durable Lithium-ion battery of 2,600 mAh. It enables a cleaning time of up to 90 minutes. 


Dust bin with a capacity of 400 ml
After sucking it in, the Moneual 900 transports dust, dirt and hair into its large dust bin of 400 ml. With one single keystroke, the dust bin can be removed and emptied. This means, that the dust bin is reusable for a long time. 


Modern sensors assure a safe operation of the robot hoover

Stairs and other abysses are detected in time
With the help of in-built anti-drop sensors, the robot vacuum detects stairs and other abysses in time. Therefore, the Moneual MBOT900 can adjust its direction. This means, it doesn’t drop down stairs. 


A distance sensor detects obstacles
Thanks to a distance sensor, the MBOT900 detects obstacles in time. It drives around them skilfully to avoid damages. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 360° bumper. 


Included in delivery
Moneual MBOT900
1 Charging Station
1 Charging Cable
1 Replacment Filter-Set
2 Replacement-Side Brushes
1 Quick Start Guide

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