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Neato Robotics Neato D8

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Neato's intelligent robot hoover D8 owns a D-shaped body. This means the side brush is directly on the edge and not between the wheels, which makes it more efficient in cleaning corners and edges. An ideal robot vacuum especially for angled surfaces. It a

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

The D8 gets more dirt out of the corners
Because of the typical D-shape of the Neato lines the side brush of the D8 is placed directly at the edge. This means that the Neato robot vacuum cleans more efficiently along edges and in corners. This makes it suitable not only for common hard floors and carpets, but also for areas with a lot of corners.

The robot vacuum cleaner also has a spiral-shaped combination brush with a length of 28 cm. With this it can accumulate more dirt before sucking it in. Its shape also gives it more room for the dust container, which means more dirt per cleaning cycle and less emptying of the dust container for you.

High performance filter against allergens
The Neato D8 has an integrated high-performance filter that removes 99.5 % of fine dust particles and allergens from the air.

Cleans in the dark and under furniture
Thanks to the LaserSmart technology (LIDAR), the robot hoover recognizes the surfaces to be cleaned while working. Even under and behind furniture, as well in the dark.

Obstacles up to 1.9 cm
The robot vacuum manages to overcome obstacles such as doorsills and carpets up to 1.9 cm.

Vacuuming with the Neato D8
You can choose between the energy-saving Eco mode or the powerful Turbo mode. Decide by yourself, if you want to clean your own virtual surfaces or entire rooms. Thanks to the Quick-Boost feature, the Neato D8 robot hoover can pause cleaning just before the end of the battery life (max. 90 min) and use the charging station to get an energy boost for the remaining work. Neato D8 then continues cleaning at the same place.

How can I control the D8?
The Neato D8 is controlled via the MyNeato app. There you can make all the important settings (e.g. define the virtual cleaning zones). After cleaning, you can use the cover map to track where your Neato D8 cleaned exactly.

Neato D8 is equipped with a Bluetooth device for easy connection to the wifi. That means, within minutes your robot hoover is ready for use. In addition, the D8 has an info button for error explanation.

Smartphone App
This app is available for Android and iOS in the popular app stores.

Our conclusion about the Neato D8
What are the advantages of the robot hoover D8?
Typical D shape of the Neato line for improved edge and corner cleaning
LIDAR navigation for exact mapping, even in the dark and under furniture
High performance filter against allergens (99,5 %)
The charging station is 30% thinner than its predecessors

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