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Proscenic Proscenic 850T

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The 850T model from Proscenic offers you the possibility to vacuum your floors automatically and, if you wish, to clean them damp. During its cleaning work, the robot vacuum mop adapts to the circumstances and navigates itself skilfully around obstacles a

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Vacuuming and floor mopping combined in one device
The Proscenic 850T is a robot vacuum and mop. This means it vacuums hard floors and carpets, and if desired, the fresh water tank can be attached to the robot vacuum. As soon as the combination tank is attached, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically recognizes it and knows that I now have to do both steps. Thanks to its powerful suction force of 2,700 Pa, the Proscenic 850T reliably removes dust, dirt and hair from floors.


For whom is such a robot vacuum mop suitable?
The 850T model is suitable for houses and flats alike. It can be used on carpets and hard floors. In suction mode carpets are automatically detected and the suction power will be increased while driving over them. . This ensures a high level of cleanliness for soft floors. As soon as it returns to hard floors, the preset mode is used again.


For combined vacuuming + mopping, however, it is better to mark off the carpet with the magnetic tape (included in the delivery). Since the robot vacuum cleaner with mop is equipped with a HEPA filter, it is a good match for households with allergy sufferers.

App, voice command or remote control
Whether from the sofa, via smartphone or conveniently via the remote control - the Proscenic 850T offers all these control options. Give the robot vacuum cleaner its work order via Google Home or Amazon Alexa, control it via remote control or conveniently via your smartphone.

Robot vacuum cleaner with innovative mop function
In order to use the mopping function, the combination tank must be inserted in the Proscenic 850T. On the underside of the water tank is a wiping cloth that is automatically moistened. The water application can be adjusted via the app.

HEPA filter included
To ensure clean (exhaust) air, the robot vacuum mop is equipped with a HEPA filter. This collects and retains even the finest dust particles. For this reason, the Proscenic 850T is ideal for households with allergy sufferers.

Smart control via app
The Proscenic 850t robot vacuum and mop can be operated and controlled via the smartphone app as well as the remote control. The application is available as a free download for iOs and Android devices and allows you to access the robot vacuum while on the move. For example, you can monitor the cleaning, view the cleaning map, interrupt the work early and set the cleaning times. We would like to note that many functions are possible via the remote control - but the app offers more applications than this. Therefore, we recommend using the app for extensive use of the robot vacuum mop

Various sensors
The robot vacuum and mop is equipped with a variety of different sensors so that obstacles, objects or stairs and steps can be detected at an early stage. For example, it has infrared sensors and electronic obstacle sensors, as well as abyss sensors so that it does not get stuck on stairs or steps.

Automatic recharging
If the battery becomes weak during cleaning, the robot vacuum mop returns to its charging station and recharges itself.

Various cleaning modes
Various cleaning modes are available for the robot vacuum cleaner with mop. The corresponding mode is selected via the app or by remote control.

2 long side brushes
To ensure that dirt and dust are also removed along corners and edges, the robot vacuum and mop has two side-mounted sweeping brushes. These extend far beyond its round design. This ensures that even the smallest crumbs from the corner of the room are reached and removed.

Adjustable suction power
The suction power can be selected from 3 levels for the Proscenic 850T: Turbo, Normal and Eco - depending on the level selected, its noise level will change.

Proscenic 850T - robot vacuum and mop
Proscenic 850T
1 Charging station
1 Remote control
1 Power adapter
1 Combination bin
1 Dust bin
Side brushes
HEPA filter
Mobbing cloth
User manual

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