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The Samsung JetBot 90 AI and its 3D sensor recognize objects, such as toys and the leg of a chair, and the shape of a room to maneuver past anything. So this robot vacuum uses this info to clean around obstacles, while staying at a safe distance from vuln

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Jet AI recognition sensor
Safe and efficient cleaning.

Clean Station
Benefit from a convenient and hygienic way to empty your dust container every 1-3 months.

Powerful cleaning
Clean your home with great suction thanks to the Digital inverter motor and the Jet Cyclone's multi-cyclonic structure.

Cleans intelligently thanks to object recognition
Jet AI Recognition Sensor
Clean safely and efficiently. The Jet's AI recognition sensor recognizes and classifies different types of objects and furniture and maps their location. Jetbot cleans around common objects, stays at a safe distance from fragile objects and avoids all danger.

Prevent blockages by small objects
3D Sensor
Make sure your home is cleaned without having to check everything for obstacles. The Jetbot's 3D Sensor scans a large area using a 3D depth camera. The room layout and any obstacles are mapped, including narrow or small objects, such as cables, even if they are only 1 cm high.

Navigates accurately and cleans efficiently
LiDAR Sensor
Clean your home more efficiently and thoroughly. This is because the location is accurately calculated and the route optimally mapped out. The LiDAR Sensor scans the room to determine the Jet Bot's location and collects distance information. This way, it moves efficiently and cleans a larger area in your home.

Just more hygienic dust removal
Clean Station
Benefit from a convenient and hygienic way to empty your dust container every 1-3 months. After cleaning, the robot vacuum automatically returns to the Clean Station where the dust is removed using "Air Pulse" technology. In addition, a multi-layer filter system captures 99.999% of fine dust particles and allergens.

Additional filtration to deliver clean air
Advanced five-layer filter system
Delivers clean air thanks to an advanced five-layer filter system. Then dust is captured by a Jet Cyclone, Sponge filter and micro filter, followed by a fine particle filter. 99.99% of ultrafine dust particles are captured, including 0.5~4.2µm particles and allergens.

Easy to empty and fully washable dust container
Fully washable dust container
Clean your dust container hygienically and empty your robot vacuum cleaner with ease. The 0.3 liter dust container is fully washable. So you can always keep it clean and fresh.

Effortless powerful cleaning
Powerful cleaning
Clean your home much more effectively with powerful suction thanks to the Digital inverter motor and the Jet Cyclone's multicyclonic structure. The high-quality brush is also suitable for any floor, including carpet and hardwood, with fewer tangles.

Cleans with long lasting suction power
Jet Cyclone
Benefit from cleaner air and consistent suction with the Jetbot's high-quality multi-cyclone structure. The Jet Cyclone captures large dust particles in a metal mesh filter in the first chamber. A second chamber is equipped with 8 separate cyclones that capture fine dust particles. This minimizes the loss of suction power.

Automatic suction control
Intelligent Power Control
Clean hard floors and carpets thoroughly. The Jet Bot's Intelligent Power Control determines the type of surface and the amount of dust and automatically adjusts the suction power for a thorough clean. It adjusts the suction power for deeper cleaning of carpets with the power control technology.

Effective cleaning of any floor type
Efficient brush
Clean carpets and hard floors more efficiently and easily. The robot vacuum's high-quality brush features fine fibers made of soft woven fabrics, including anti-static silver threads. In addition, high-quality extractors suck up bristles to prevent them from tangling around the brush.

Specify which rooms need to be cleaned
Select & Go
Optimize efficiency and save time by choosing specific areas via Select & Go. Jet Bot recognizes rooms and can selectively clean them one by one. This ensures that your home is cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Set restricted zones to prevent access
No-go Zone
Avoid expensive furniture, certain rooms or other zones of your choice. Use the SmartThings App to set up "no-go zones" or virtual walls by selecting the locations on a map of your home. The robotic vacuum then avoids these zones without you having to put up physical barriers.

Easy remote control with a smartphone
Enhanced Wi-Fi control
Control and manage your Jet Bot anytime, anywhere thanks to enhanced Wi-Fi control. Use the SmartThings App to remotely schedule cleaning specific rooms or set up virtual zones that the Jet Bot can skip. You can watch in real time as you clean, see how your pets are doing, or see what's going on in your home via Jet Live.

Monitor your home and pets remotely
Jet Live
The camera on the front of the Jetbot can live stream video in real time via the SmartThings App. In monitoring mode, you can see how things are going at home. It offers support for E2EE. Videos are thus encrypted and can only be viewed by an authorized user.

Real-time tracking of the cleaning process
Live cleaning report
Check the progress and status of Jet Bot in real time using the SmartThings App. With the Live Cleaning Report, you can view its movements on a floor plan of your home, no matter where you are. You can see where it has cleaned, paused or brought it to a stop. You can also view the cleaning history.

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