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Tesvor Tesvor S6

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With the Tesvor S6 you get a powerful robot vacuum cleaner with mop function for a resonable price. It offers you innovative technology and navigation (e.g. LIDAR, SLAM) and as well different cleaning modes (e.g. "Smart Cleaning" and "Spot Cleaning"). Adj

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Tesvor S6 - robot vacuum mop with a strong price-performance ratio
What exactly is the Tesvor S6? 
If you choose the Tesvor S6, you get a robot vacuum and mop that does the daily dry and wet cleaning of your home. Laminate, parquet and tiles, but also short pile carpets are cleaned independently by the Tesvor robot vacuum cleaner with mop.


How does the Tesvor S6 work?
The Tesvor robot vacuum mop, like its predecessors, has advanced sensors (including LDS LIDAR) and intelligent features, that allow the robot vacuum cleaner with mop to map your living space in real-time. This enables the household robot to get to know your environment and to calculate the best cleaning route, as well to skilfully avoid obstacles.


Can the Tesvor S6 cross door thresholds?
Obstacles of up to 15 mm can be overcome by the Tesvor robot vacuum and mop. This has the advantage that several smaller rooms - which are separated by thresholds - can be vacuumed in one pass. However, once the water tank is mounted, obstacles can no longer be overcome. This is also an advantage, because like that, carpets are automatically not wiped (without setting up barrier zones before).


Low overall height for vacuuming under furniture
The Tesvor S6 has a height of 101 mm and is therefore also suitable for vacuuming under furniture and stairs.


For which living space is the Tesvor S6 recommended?
With the Tesvor robot vacuum mop you can clean up to 150 m2 of surface with one battery charge, depending on the suction power. The battery needs 240 - 360 min for a full charge, after that you can vacuum for about 100 min.


Tesvor S6 - easy handling, good result
What cleaning modes does the Tesvor S6 use?
Cleaning is done by the robot vacuum and mop with "smart-cleaning", which first cleans the outline of the surface (along the wall) and then moves from one side to the other in S-shaped waves. This makes it much more efficient and faster than other models. In “spot-cleaning” the robot vacuum mop starts at a selected point and moves outwards in a spiral. After 2 minutes cleaning time, the robot vacuum cleaner with mop stops automatically.


Adjustable suction power
The Tesvor S6 has different suction strengths, which can be adjusted according to your needs. The maximum suction strength is 1,800 Pa. On the Tesvor S6, the positioning of the water tank does not obscure the suction and side brushes. This means you can have the robot vacuum and mop do the dry and wet cleaning in one go. However, with the water tank attached, the Tesvor can no longer overcome door thresholds. If you want to do everything in one go, you should therefore plan the complete cleaning room by room.


Can I exclude surfaces from being cleaned by the robot vacuum mop?
In the app, not only can the different cleaning modes be assigned to the rooms, but so-called restricted zones can also be set up - e.g. where the household robot should not wipe up wet. In this way, the entire room can be cleaned in one go, but the cleaning mode can be selected individually as required.


Can the Tesvor S6 pause its cleaning?
Yes, if you want to pause the robot vacuum mop for a short time (e.g. because you have visitors), there are two different possibilities. Either you press “pause” and the robot stops cleaning (until you press the “pause-button” again). Or you move the robot vacuum and mop to another place. If you restart the cleaning process, the Tesvor will automatically return to its original position and continue cleaning.


Independent charging
The robot vacuum cleaner with mop automatically detects when its battery is low and moves into the charging station by itself. 


Tesvor S6 - control is possible with remote, smartphone and voice

How can I control the Tesvor S6?
The robot vacuum cleaner with mop is controlled either with the smartphone app, the supplied remote control or via your voice. The app is available for Android and iOS in the most relevant stores.

Our conclusion about the Tesvor robot vacuum and mop
What are the advantages of the robot vacuum mop Tesvor S6?
value for money
adjustable suction strength
voice control possible

What are the disadvantages of the Tesvor robot vacuum and mop?
no adjustable water supply

For whom is the Tesvor S6 suitable?
The Tesvor S6 is suitable for robot novices as well as robot experts who want a powerful robot vacuum cleaner with mop at a reasonable price. With the ability to vacuum and wipe in one pass, allergens such as house dust and pet hair are removed more thoroughly. Interesting for all allergy sufferers.


In the box:

Tesvor S6 - robot vacuum mop 
• charging station
• power supply
• remote control (without batteries)
• cleaning tool
• 4 side brushes
• filter
• water tank 
• microfiber cloth

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