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Worx Worx Landroid L1000 (WR147.1) 2021

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Worx Landroid L1000 (WR147.1)
Worx Landroid L1000 (WR147.1)
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The Landroid WR147.1 robot lawn mower from Worx is suitable for lawns of up to 1,000 m2 and can be operated using an app or the control panel. Equipped with AIA technology, the robot grass cutter also navigates through complex gardens and narrow corridors

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

Introducing the Worx WR147.1
If you are looking for a compact and reliable robot grass cutter that maintains medium to large gardens up to a maximum of 1000 m2, the model Worx Landroid L1000 is a good match. With its robust and stable design, the robot lawn mower can manage slopes of up to ± 35 % or 20°. At the same time, the cutting height can be adjusted between 20-60 mm without additional tools. It is equipped with the patented AIA technology, which ensures that corridors can be cut effortlessly. Using the Cut-To-Edge function, the robot mower also mows neatly along the lawn edge, saving the hassle of time-consuming re-trimming.


How does the Worx Landroid L1000 work?
The robot lawn mower works on the mulching principle. On its underside is a blade disc with three sharp blades. With this, the grass is shortened a little with each run. The blades rotate in both directions. In this way, the blades are used from all sides and last twice as long. The cut grass falls onto the lawn and decomposes and serves as fertiliser and moisturiser.

Cut-to-Edge function
Using the Cut-to-Edge function, the lawn is mowed cleanly along the border line. This means that the lawn is cleanly cut by the Worx L1000 both at the edge and on the surface consistently. This mode of operation also virtually eliminates the need to rework the lawn edge.

Equipped with artificial intelligence
With the patented AIA navigation technology (AI), the robot mower moves intelligently through the garden, mastering narrow passages and corridors with ease. Compared to other robots, the Worx Landroid WR147.1 is up to 30 % faster over the whole area.

Robot lawn mower with built-in rain sensor
When it starts to rain, the Worx WR147.1 robot grass cutter automatically returns to its charging station. It only resumes working when the grass is no longer wet. If necessary, the rain sensor timer can be changed, which means you can turn the rain sensor on or off.

Smart control with an app
The Worx Landroid L1000 can be conveniently controlled via an app. The "Worx Landroid" app can be downloaded free of charge:


iOS (App Store)
Android (Google Play)
The firmware of the Worx WR147.1 is automatically updated via a Wi-Fi connection. This way, the Worx robot mower is always "up to date".
Worx L1000 is smart, intelligent and innovative

It is especially important to mow safely!
The Worx Landroid WR147.1 has obstacle detection, tilt and lift sensors. With these, objects and obstacles are detected and the robot moves around them independently. If the robot mower is moved away from the lawn during operation (for example, tilted or lifted), a safety sensor immediately stops the rotating blade disc.


Unauthorised persons are prevented from using the robot by means of a PIN code. If the robot grass cutter is removed from the garden without permission, it cannot be used without the personal PIN code (theft protection).


Side charging contacts
A special feature is its lateral charging contacts. This means that the Worx Landroid L1000 always moves forward into its station and also always moves forward out of it. This cannot be changed and also has the advantage that the station can be placed in a flexible way.


New: Cleaning the L1000 with a garden hose
According to the specifications of the manufacturer, the Worx WR147E - unlike other models - can be cleaned with the garden hose (IPX5). This makes it easy and quick to clean the Worx robot lawn mower.


How to install and control the Worx Landroid WR147.1?
When the Worx WR147.1 is delivered, the robot lawn mower is already pre-programmed. You only need to lay the boundary wire and the robot mower is ready for use. All important installation components are included in the scope of delivery.


The Worx Landroid can be conveniently operated via an app or the control panel on the robot itself. When the Worx L1000 detects a low battery level, it returns to its charging station. It recharges and continues mowing until it has completed its daily target.


Additional accessories for the Worx WR147.1
A variety of accessories and features are available for your Worx Landroid L1000 for an additional price. In this way you get a robot lawn mower that is perfectly suited to your garden and your needs.


Anti-Collision System (ACS)
The robot mower uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles. This allows it to avoid objects without colliding with them.


Voice Control
With this add-on, the Worx WR147.1 robot lawn mower can be controlled by voice commands through integrated speakers.


GPS localization
If your robot grass cutter is stolen from your garden, you can find its position thanks to 4G technology.


Off Limits
It is a virtual accrual possibility. Suitable for or lawns with many obstacles. With this additional option the installation of the boundary wire will be simplified.


Content box:

  • Worx Landroid L1000
  • Charging station
  • Fixing nails (8 pcs.)
  • Power supply
  • Boundary wire (180 m)
  • Pegs (250 pcs.)
  • Distance rule (2 pcs.)
  • Replacement blades plus screws (9 pcs.)
  • Hexagonal key
  • Manual

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