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Xiaomi Xiaomi Roidmi EVA

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Xiaomi Roidmi EVA
Xiaomi Roidmi EVA
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Thanks to its 3 in 1 function, the Roidmi EVA robot vacuum and mop can completely take care of the floor maintenance. It vacuums, mops, or does both in one pass and is suitable for hard floors and short hair carpets.

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

What is Roidmi EVA?
The self-cleaning 3 in 1 robot vacuum mop from Roidmi is equipped with a large dust bin and a dual water tank. Thanks to this generous design, the dust bag has to be changed only every approx. 60 days. The dual water tank system separates clean and dirty water, so mopping has best results. The Roidmi EVA is suitable for hard floors and short hair carpets. It has different cleaning modes to adapt the cleaning perfectly to the surroundings. The robot vacuum and mop finds its way easily through all rooms, due to LDS navigation technology. It can be controlled easily via app and can also be integrated into a smart home (Amazon Alexa, Google Home).


What characterises the robot vacuum mop?
Besides the self-emptying station, the robot vacuum cleaner with mop has several functions which make it more effective and convenient. It is equipped with two rotating mopping pads which are pressed with 12 Newton to the ground during the wet cleaning. The rotation as well as the mopping with pressure ensure better cleaning results. Additionally, the Roidmi EVA can independently clean and dry the mops.

Dual water tank system
The self-emptying station of the robot vacuum cleaner with mop is equipped with a dual water tank system. Each tank has a capacity of 4 l. Here, the clean and dirty water is separated. So during wet cleaning always fresh water is used.

Wet cleaning with pressure
The robot vacuum and mop has two rotating pads. So, the mopping is more effective, because both mops are pressed to the ground with 12 Newton. So even stronger soiled areas can be cleaned.

Carpet detection
When the robot vacuum mop works in vacuuming and mopping mode, it detects carpets during its cleaning pass. Then, it automatically makes a detour, so these areas can be cleaned afterwards.
Roidmi EVA - robot vacuum mop convinces in many ways

Self-emptying station with large dust bin and dual water tank
The station of the robot vacuum and mop Roidmi EVA includes a very generously sized dust bin that must be emptied only after about 60 days. It is equipped with antibacterial dust bags. Furthermore, it contains two water tanks with a capacity of 4 l each. Thanks to this dual water tank system, clean and dirty water are separated. So, for wet cleaning, fresh water is used.


Rotating wiping pads for a better cleaning result
The robot vacuum cleaner with mop is equipped with 2 rotating mops. The mopping pads rotate with a speed of 180 RPM and have a diameter of just over 10 cm. Due to their rotation, dirt is removed even better. They are made of two materials that both care for the floor and have better access to stubborn dirt.


Mops are pressed to the ground
The rotating mops are pressed onto the floor to enhance the cleaning effect. With conventional robot vacuum and mops, the cloth is often only pulled over the floor. However, with the Roidmi EVA the pads are pressed onto the floor with 12 N, so that the wet cleaning is improved. Even heavily soiled areas can be cleaned without any problems.


Precise navigation system
Thanks to LDS navigation technology, the robot vacuum mop from Roidmi quickly finds its way through any home. The mapping of the surroundings is done in real time and the virtual map is provided in the app. The Roidmi EVA recognises heights and corners, allowing it to optimally adapt its cleaning journey to the conditions.


Convenient and clear LED display
The self-emptying station of the Roidmi EVA is equipped with a colour LED display. It gives you an overview e.g if the dust container needs to be emptied or what the ratio of clean water to dirty water is.
Roidmi EVA is a smart-home compatible 3-in-1 solution


How can I control the Roidmi EVA?
The robot vacuum and mop from Roidmi can be conveniently controlled via a smartphone app. The app can be installed simply and easily. Once this is done, all functions can be used. These include the display of all rooms on a virtual map as well as the cleaning settings which can be made via this map. For example, you can define no-go zones, specify the cleaning mode for a certain room or area, or check the fill levels and the remaining battery runtime. These are just a few features of the extensive range.

The Roidmi EVA can be controlled with the Roidmi smartphone app or the Xiaomi Home app.

The app is available for Android and iOS in the well-known stores:


Roidmi App


Xiaomi Home App

Additionally, you can integrate Roidmi EVA into your smart home and control it via voice command (Amazon Alexa, Google Home). This is a lot more convenient, but you have to take into account that only via the app you have the full range of functions of the robot vacuum mop.


● 2 rotating mops ● 12 N mop pressure ● Antibacterial dust bag for max. 60 days ● 3 cleaning modes ● Door sills: max. 20 mm ● Suction power: 3,200 Pa ● Capacity dual water tank: 2 x 4l

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