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Worx Worx Landroid M500 2.0 (WR165E) 2022

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This model from Worx, offers automatic lawn care for gardens up to a maximum of 500 m2. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the robot lawn mower is capable of learning and adapts to the conditions in the garden. In this way, the Worx Landroid WR165E co

More than 290.000 satisfied customers
Complete installation robotic lawn mowers by our engineers

What makes the Worx M500 2.0 different from the M500?

Unique among the Worx robot lawn mowers is the support with WiFI and now also via Bluetooth. Thanks to the new blade disc design, the blades automatically raise in case the Worx Landroid WR165E robot grass cutter encounters obstacles such as small stones or bumps. The IPX5 waterproof housing makes it easy to clean the Landroid with a garden hose when it gets dirty. Dirt, grass and debris can be quickly removed.


How does the robot mower work?

Once the Worx robot lawn mower has been installed, the Worx M500 2.0 takes care of the lawn automatically. Each time it goes out, the grass in the garden is cut back a little (mulching principle). The clippings fall to the ground and act as a natural fertilizer and moisturizer for the lawn.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, the robot grass cutter is able to learn and adapt to your lawn and constantly improve its performance. Thanks to the 'Cut-To-Edge' technology, the Worx WR165E also cuts the lawn edges cleanly and efficiently, eliminating the need for re-trimming. The robot grass cutter finds its way through winding plots, is programmable and can be individually adapted to different areas in the garden. Optional accessories allow for additional customisation and adaptation to the needs of the garden.

Waterproof housing (IPX5)
A novelty for Worx is that the model M500 2.0 is equipped with a waterproof housing according to IPX5. This means that the robot grass cutter can now be cleaned with a garden hose. This makes it easier to remove dried lawn debris or other dirt.

Blade disc adapts to the ground
The Worx WR165E robot grass cutter is equipped with a floating blade disc. Due to the new design of the rotating blade disc, it adapts to uneven lawns and raises the blades in case of obstacles such as stones, obstacles or bumpy ground.

LCD display with operating menu
In addition to operation via an app, the settings for the Worx can be made via the display on the top of the robot lawn mower. In contrast to the M500 (WR141E), which is equipped with a 4-character LED display, the Worx Landroid WR165E has an LCD display with a control menu. This allows settings to be made particularly quickly and intuitively.

Comfortable control via the app
The robot lawn mower can be operated either directly via the LCD display with operating menu - or particularly conveniently via the "Worx Landroid" app. The application can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android devices from the respective store. 


iOS (App Store)
Android (Google Play)
Updating the firmware of the Worx robot mower is done automatically via a WiFi connection. This way, the Worx Landroid WR165E is always "up to date".
Perfect robot lawn mower for medium, complex gardens

Automatic mowing - but safe!
For the Worx M500 2.0, it doesn't matter whether it is used on simple or complex areas, because it masters the mowing work absolutely reliably. Thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery, it masters slopes of up to ± 35 % (20°). In addition, it adapts individually to the prevailing lawn and weather conditions. This ensures a lush carpet of grass all season long.


To ensure safe mowing, the Worx Landroid M500 2.0 is equipped with numerous sensors. Tilt and lift sensors react immediately if the robot lawn mower is lifted or tipped over. The blade disc stops immediately in such a case. To prevent the Worx WR165E from being operated by unauthorised persons or children, it can be protected with a personal PIN code. If the robot grass cutter detects an obstacle in its path, it will adjust its direction of movement.


The Worx Landroid M500 2.0 is also equipped with a rain sensor. If it rains, the robot mower will return to its charging station and will not continue mowing until the weather is fine again. However, since the rain sensor is adjustable, it is possible for the Worx M500 2.0 to mow in the rain.


Freely positionable charging station
A special feature of the Worx robot lawn mower is the side charging contacts. Due to this special positioning, the Worx Landroid WR165E always moves forward into and out of the charging station. In addition, the base plate is open and the grass can grow through it. This means the plate is not obviously visible in the lawn. This offers a more flexible positioning of the charging station and a much easier installation.


What is useful to know about installation and operation?
When delivered, the Worx Landroid is already programmed. As soon as the boundary wire is laid, the robot can start mowing. All the necessary installation components are included in the delivery.


Customise your Worx WR165E
There are various accessories and functions for the Worx Landroid M500 2.0 that allow you to customise it to suit your gardening needs. The add-ons are available at an extra charge and can be installed and put into operation in just a few steps. This way you get a robot grass cutter that is optimally adapted to your garden.


Anti-Collision System (ACS)
Obstacles are detected by the robot lawn mower using ultrasonic sensors. This allows it to skilfully avoid objects without colliding with them.


Voice Control
With this accessory your robot mower can be controlled by voice commands through integrated speakers.


GPS localization
If the Worx M500 2.0 should be stolen from your garden, you can find its position thanks to 4G technology.


Off Limits
It is a virtual accrual possibility. Suitable for lawns with many obstacles. With this additional option the installation of the boundary wire will be simplified.


Worx Landroid M500 2.0 (WR165E) - robot lawn mower - 2021 Model
Water-protected housing IPX5, may be cleaned with the garden hose
WLAN and Bluetooth support
App control
New blade construction


In the box:

  • Charging station
  • Fixing nails (8 pcs.)
  • Power supply
  • Boundary wire (130 m)
  • Pegs (180 pcs.)
  • Distance rule (2 pcs.)
  • Replacement blades plus screws (9 pcs.)
  • Hexagonal key

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